Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Holidays! What's NEW???

There has been a lot of new things happening at The Mystic Dream... First off... here's our new sign! We finally were able to let the dolphins swim free and are officially able to proclaim our new name for all to see! We're very proud of it. It was hand painted by both of us and was a labor of love.

We've also been getting new shipments of products almost everyday with still more new stuff on its way. Come and see our selection of candles: Reiki charged votives and pillars of every color and scent, aligned for almost any magical purpose you can think of: Love, Money, Positive Energy, Spirit... as well as a large selection of herbal Hoodoo candles, including Fiery Wall of Protection, Uncrossing, Mystic Healer, and Recover Lost Money, with many, many more to choose from!

We also received a huge selection of Woodstock wind chimes and table-top energy chimes. Come and see our new arbor display!

New tarot decks... new calendars (yes... we have the Jim Maynard's astrological calendars)... drums... rain sticks... didgeridoos... also new jewelry... ritual tools, and oils!

And we have new readers, too! Logan Delaney is now reading cards on Fridays as well as offering his services as a root worker. Come in and get your cards read or a candle prepared for you.

And on Mondays there is still time to get your Blue Monday special... Kola Soljet will be offering her current special rates on Mondays through the end of December. As of January 2009 her Blue Monday special will be $5 off her normal price. So hurry in and take advantage of her current special rates! Call the store at 925-933-2342 to make an appointment, or for questions.

And finally, on
Sunday, Dec. 21, from 4-6pm join us for our Winter Solstice celebration. To witches and Pagans, the solstices and the equinoxes mark some of the holiest times of the year. As we approach the Winter Solstice, the nights are getting longer, but on this day the powers of the sun are returning! Come and join us as we celebrate the return of the sun king with stories, ritual, and a little feast! FREE! Please bring a small food item to share.

There's plenty to see and to do at The Mystic Dream. Come and share your holidays with us!

-Chas and Storm

Sunday, November 30, 2008

'The Mystic Dream' on MySpace

We are on MySpace!

'The Mystic Dream' on MySpace

'The Mystic Dream' on Facebook

We have achieved Facebook!

'The Mystic Dream' on Facebook

Visit the our site on Facebook! Become a fan and be connected to all the new goings on at the store. Event reminders; information on new products; spells and tips for your spiritual work... it will all be there on Facebook.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Crystals!

Like many of you do every year after Thankgiving, we at The Mystic Dream get up early, not only to get our store ready for all you eager shoppers, but so that we can go shopping ourselves, getting many of the goodies we will have available for the holiday season. We make a special effort to seek out quality crystals, which will be arriving in the store throughout the weekend.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Time

'The Mystic Dream' closes early on October 31st in observance of Halloween.
Store hours for that day are 10am to 3pm.

Come in this week to stock up on supplies for your magical celebrations.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Year in Retrospect

"Dolphin Dream" was first opened in 1989 and has served the Bay Area's spiritual communities with purpose and heart ever since. Last year when we took over as the new owners we vowed to breathe some new life into this staple of Walnut Creek's downtown. We have been working hard to grow the store in new ways that will make it more relevant, more diverse, and more stylish than ever before. Part of that new growth has been to represent even more spiritual traditions... by bringing in sacred texts... making sure that even small or obscure spiritual and religious traditions and practices (as well as new takes on the major ones) have a place on our shelves. Part of that new growth has been to include a more diverse selection of readers and teachers... whether you want Tarot, or Runes, or Shells, Astrology, Meditation or Qigong, Witchcraft, Reiki, Massage, Rootwork, or a Psychic Medium, we have someone here to serve your needs. And finally part of that new growth has been to re-vision the store, moving things around... improving the Feng Shui, bringing in more color, more style, and even changing the name of the store; now The Mystic Dream has the benefit of all of this renewed focus & direction and is better equipped to serve the ever growing needs of the Bay Area's spiritual communities as we move into the 21st century.

This coming Saturday, Nov. 1st, is a very special date. Not only does it mark the beginning of the Celtic New Year (Samhain, meaning "Summer's End") but it also marks exactly one year since Storm and Chas took over. In addition to acquiring the store, this year we were happy to have had the opportunity to get legally married, something that we never thought we'd be able to do in our almost 16 years together. As we look back over the past year we are grateful for the love and support that so many of you have shown both to the store, and to us personally. To help us celebrate, please come and join us as we mark the store's 19 years in business, our recent marriage, and our One-Year Anniversary as the new proprietors of Walnut Creek's premiere Spiritual Marketplace. On Saturday, Nov. 1st, we will be celebrating all day with champagne, 10% off all merchandise (excluding magazines), and by making a purchase that day you automatically be entered into a raffle to win a $100 Gift Card good for any merchandise in the store! We will choose the winner at random and make an announcement on our blog and in the store on Sunday, Nov. 2nd.

So do take some time to come by this Saturday to pay us a visit, make a toast, save some money, and maybe even win a prize! We hope to see you there!


Storm and Chas,
and the The Mystic Dream staff

Friday, October 10, 2008

October 10th, Feri Circle

F(a)eri(e) Tradition Open Circle
with Storm Faerywolf, Chas Bogan, and Puck D. Coyote

2nd Friday of each month
beginning October 10th
Donations to help pay for the space will be accepted but are not required.

Feri is a unique manifestation of traditional witchcraft that encourages power, will, and personal connection with the divine. Join us for an evening of BlueRose style Feri ritual as we align our souls, open the crossroads, and peer into the Outer Darkness to see what treasures may be hidden there.

Please bring a small food-item to share.

New Pagan Resource For Mt. Diablo Region

There is a new resource for Pagans in the Contra Costa area...

Diablo Valley Pagans

For all of you who've come into the shop asking how and where to look for other Pagan kindred in the area, this site is gearing up to support that need. Check it out.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Welcome Ms. Karuna!

Today we are happy to welcome the talented Ms. Karuna to our reader team! So in addition to Rune readings with Stefn Thorsman each Wednesday, starting today Ms. Karuna will be offering her services each week from 2-7pm as a Tarot, Obi Shell, and Pendulum reader, as well as conjure worker.

Her official bio:

Ms. Karuna is a hereditary oracle, a sorceress, a conjurer in the Hoodoo tradition, a healer and a handcrafter of unique spiritual products and curios. She is an initiate in the Hindu Shakta Tantra tradition, and is also a follower of the Orishas. In her divination sessions and conjure practice, Ms. Karuna utilizes Tarot cards, Obi (four cowry shells), and the Pendulum. Guided by Hindu Deities, Catholic Saints, and African Spirits, she works to uncross, remove jinxes and the evil eye, and bring health, love, luck, protection, abundance and the brightest future to her clients. In addition to English, Ms. Karuna is fluent in Russian and Hebrew. For more information, visit her website:

$35 - 15 mins
$70 - 30 mins
$120 - 1 hour

Cash only, please.

Please call 925-933-2342 for an appointment, or if you are going to be in the area just drop in to see if she has any availability.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tarot Tuesdays!

Join us at The Mystic Dream every Tuesday when we are proud to host Tarot readings with the talented Elise, as well as offer a special Tarot sale: Every Tuesday all Tarot books, Decks, and Divination Card sets are 10% off! And each week we will feature a different Tarot deck, which will be on sale for 15% off!

Featured this Tuesday (10/7/08):

The Deviant Moon Tarot
By Patrick Valenza
Tarot Deck - 78 Cards
Published by US Games 2008

The Deviant Moon Tarot has surreal, very unique, and sometimes disturbing moonlit artwork. It's inspired by (and incorporates) images of cemeteries and mental asylums, and designed to illuminate deeper parts of the subconscious. It has a "dark whimsy" that feels appropriate for the Halloween season. And at 15% off this Tuesday, it's a great time to add something new and different to your Tarot collection! Comes complete with instruction booklet, and layout sheet.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

About Our New Name

The Mystic Dream

About our new name... For 18 years the name 'Dolphin Dream' has been well known in Walnut Creek and well beyond. Some know it as that strange shop where all the weirdos hang out. Others see it as a sanctuary that encourages spiritual engagement and feeds the souls of their community. Many come in looking for dolphin shaped knick-knacks and are often disappointed. Then there are those who find us, look around, then ask "why is this shop named Dolphin Dream;" a fair enough question, albeit one we have no good answer for. Dolphins are considered by some to be spiritually evolved creatures in tune with higher frequencies of consciousness, indeed, it was with this association in mind that the store was christened Dolphin Dream back in the dawn of the New Age. However, not everyone perceives dolphins as being enlightened beings. Ask someone on the street what comes to mind when you say the name 'dolphin' and you may get answers such as 'bad tuna' or 'shark prey' or 'fin flop,' not the connotations that ought to be associated with a spiritual supply shop. In order to inform customers of what products they might find, the word 'mystic' best expresses the energy of our store. We invite you to come and partake in this transition, that you too may have a mystical experience. Our purpose (our dream) remains the same, to encourage spiritual development, diversity of beliefs, and enlightenment in all its forms.
Whereas the dolphin has been set free, our dream continues.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Pendulums

This week we (Storm & Chas) met with one of our favorite independant vendors and selected a wide variety of pendulums, nearly two hundred! All are hand-crafted from folk across the globe, ranging from folk art beads to fancy European metal work. Come on in and find one that calls to you.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Introducing Leila Jo

Our store is thrilled to welcome our newest Tarot reader, Leila Jo. While our other beloved tarot reader Elise was away on vacation Leila Jo came in as a substitute, and her personality and talent was so in sync with the store that we asked her to come read each Thursday as a permanent member of our reader community. Call the store to make an appointment with her, or simply stop by some Thursday to say 'hello.'

Bio: South African native Leila Jo Crawford is a down-to-earth tarot reader and needle-crafter based in Berkeley, California. Leila Jo’s curiosity of the tarot began in the mid-90s when she received her first deck as a gift. She loves the sometimes unexpected truths that the cards reveal. Leila Jo is known for her unique blend of warmth, compassion and real world smarts. She will customize her intuitive reading to your needs and comfort level, and provide insight and practical ideas on how to apply it to your everyday life. When not reading the cards, Leila Jo can be found hand-sewing her herbal sachets and amulets. For more information about Leila Jo and to view her needlecrafts, please visit

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monday Night Meditations

Monday got you down? Start your week off smoothly with a meditation session lead by Mitchel Houston. Drop by any Monday night from 7pm until about 8 and experience deep, rejuvenating meditation. Just $15 for a whole hour worth of expertly guided meditation.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Festival of Carna

Festival of Carna
Roman - June 1

This festival celebrates Carna—Roman ‘goddess of the hinge,’ whose power is to open what is closed and to close what is open. Doors, windows and locks all belong to her, and on her feast day should be cleaned, oiled and repaired. She favors domestic concerns and can be petitioned to open new opportunities and to close the door against things unwanted. She also has authority over the physical body, ruling the heart, lungs and liver; which is why Offerings of beans and bacon fat (once considered by Roman’s to promote health in those organs) are her traditional offerings.

An offering to Carna:

Remove any unwanted or unnecessary keys from your key-ring, placing them as an offering to Carna, thus closing the door on those areas of your life that no longer serve you. For each key given to her, you may ask of her a blessing, that she may open new opportunities for you.

...At the shop we have an offering bowl that is filling up with keys as folk come in and take part in our celebration of Carna's festival. This is one of many seasonal festivals that we hope folk will enjoy celebrating with us. Carna's offering dish will remain until the 20th of June, so drop by.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Ever Changing Dolphin Dream

Refreshing changes continue at Dolphin Dream! We invite those of you who haven't been in for the past few months to pay us a visit, and witness all the remodeling we have done. We've been working hard to make the store an even better place to visit, with more products and services to satisfy and heal the mind and spirit. Here are just a few of our most recent offerings:

Candle Dressing Station
Candle magic is an elegant, time-honored, and simple method of manifesting our prayers and desires. Now you can come and take advantage of our candle dressing station and bring some of this magic into your own life. Choose any 7 Day (Glass Encased) candle and for an additional $3 you may choose from our selection of traditional oils and glitters to align the candle toward your intended purpose. We also have traditional herbs and stones that may be used for an additional charge. Full instructions are provided or you may have one of our knowledgeable staff members assist you with your questions.

Oils and Herbs
We are proud to announce that we are now carrying an expanded selection of herbs and oils. What ever your spiritual purpose, we have the herbal solution! Come and check out our collection of magical herbs and resins... Copal, Frankincense, Dragon's Blood... Star Anise, Mugwort, Vervain, Tobacco braids, and more! We even have a selection of traditional Native American ceremonial paints! We are also proud to be carrying the Lucky Mojo brand line of Hoodoo condition oils, as well as traditional witchcraft oils and incense from the fine folks at Otherworld Apothecary. Come and check out their Fire Throws and Cauldron Waters, perfect for honoring ritual fires of all types! Hurry! We can't keep these in stock!

Sacred Statuary!
We just received a shipment of fine statuary honoring the old Gods and Goddesses of Greece, the British Islands, and the Ancient Americas. For the pagan, witch, or spiritually eclectic, these pieces are perfect for building altars or simply for the spiritually or anthropologically curious.

More Classes!
We are proud to offer more classes than ever before. Starting in June we are happy to be hosting an ongoing Meditation Circle every Monday evening, geared especially toward those with little or no experience. Qigong... witchcraft... Chinese Face Reading... Animal Communication... Soul Mate work... and even the return of Dolphin Dream's famous (and FREE) Drumming Circle!

Delta Moon Soaps
A local favorite! Delta Moon Soaps are hand crafted using real goat's milk obtained from the local 4H club! Come and take a whiff of some of the most delicious scents imaginable! So good you'll want to eat them!

25% off Tuesday Tarot Readings!
Save 25% off the regular price of one Tuesday Tarot Reading with Elise when you purchase any Tarot deck from Dolphin Dream. Just present your store receipt to Elise and she will give you 25% of her regular price. What a great way to celebrate Tarot on a Tuesday!

This summer is a great time to come and visit us! More changes are being added every day! So we hope you drop by and visit us soon!

~Storm and Chas

Monday, March 31, 2008

Updated Readers and MORE!

Shortly after announcing the spring line-up of psychic readers, intuitives, and practitioners last month, we had several major scheduling changes happen all at once, so we thought you all might want to know exactly who is offering their services here at the shop on a given day.

First, we are happy to announce three new readers. On Tuesdays we have tarot readings by Elise. Wednesdays we have Stefn Thorsman reading runes. And finally, Kola Soljet reads the tarot on Saturdays.

Our full schedule of readers for each day of the week:

Sundays: Stacy Appel, Psychic and Medium
Tuesdays: Elise, Tarot reader
Wednesdays: Stefn Thorsman, Rune Reader
Thursdays, Fridays, & some Saturdays: Coleen Cole Morrison, Life's Purpose Hand Analyst
Thursday Evenings: Mitchell Houston, Qigong
Saturdays: Kola Soljet, Tarot Reader

Special Saturdays (April 12 and May 17, appointments are essential):
Evanne Jordan and Rev. Phoenix: Combined Psychic/Tarot readings

Some people have been asking if our staff has changed with the new ownership. Nope! Our team remains the same and is still committed to assisting you with your questions, just as they have in the past. Come by and say hello... Dawn, Alex, and Halina are a vital part of the store and we are happy to have them be a part of our team for the new Dolphin Dream!

Other things of interest going on in the store:

  • We have New Earth, the phenomenal new bestseller by Eckhart Tolle!
  • All Calendars are 30% off! (Excluding the Witches' Almanac)
  • Our Book and Music selections are constantly growing. New titles... new sections... more spiritual traditions are represented here than ever before!
  • New Classes! Whether your interest is in Tarot, Angels, Qigong, or Witchcraft, we are striving to bring in even more classes for your education and delight.
  • We now have an iPod Listening Station which you can use to listen to just about every musical and meditative recording that we carry!
  • Come and look at our remodel in progress... we have brought in some vibrant color and texture... just wait to see what we'll be doing in the next few weeks!

All that along with our new extended store hours make it a great time to come and visit Dolphin Dream.

~Storm and Chas

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's NEW at Dolphin Dream???

Since acquiring the shop this past November we have continued Dolphin Dream’s nearly 20 year commitment to being a spiritual center. Come visit us as we expand our overall selection, honoring the diversity of traditions that make the Bay Area so spiritually vibrant. We are constantly adding titles to both provoke the mind and delight the spirit.

We have also been stocking up on various magical, spiritual, and healing supplies, and thanks to our first ever trip to the Tucson International Gem Show, several unique pieces of crystal, gemstone, and magical art and tools for your pleasure and curiosity:

• Spheres: Amethyst, Geode, Labradorite, and more
• Jewelry: Amber... Moldavite... Fine beads. Unique designs.
• Crystal Massage tools
• Dreamcatchers handmade on the Navajo Reservation
• Ritual Tools: Rosewood/Crystal/Copper Wands, Crystal offering bowls
• Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Condition Oils
• Crystal carvings: Angels, Skulls, Flames
• Incense, Oils, Baths and Teas from Otherworld Apothecary
• Himalayan Salt Bowls with Spheres or Stones
• Herbs
• Art and Statuary
• Specialty candles for magick and spellwork

...and much more to come!

~Chas & Storm