Friday, November 30, 2012

December 2012 Sign-by-Sign Forecast

General Forecast:
Millennialism and Apocalypticism- Groovy tunes, people! We have arrived at the current millennialist's dream/nightmare, 12/20/12 - the Mayan End Times! Some people prefer 12/12/12, so please hedge your bets and be ready for the Ascension on Wednesday the twelfth of December, just in case. I am truly trying to keep my cynicism at bay, and it is hard. Confession: I do not “believe” in the Mayan Prophesy, however, I really appreciate the spin many spiritually and evolutionary-minded folks have attached to the occasion. Perhaps since Y2K was such a dud following the apocalypticism preceding it, and because radio host Harold Camping's May 21st 2012 “Rapture and Judgment Day” passed and the so-called Christians are still among us, I am somewhat skeptical about the predictions concerning the completion of the Mayan Long Count.

New Cycle- Scholars of Mesoamerican studies have fragmentary evidence (almost all the findings are fragmentary) that indicate the start of a new Long Count cycle (the 14th b'ak'tun) correlates to our Gregorian calendar date of December 21, 2012. Interpretations made by archeologists infer that ancient Mayans would not expect that the end of a Long Count indicates that the world is ending, but rather making it to the end is a reason for great celebration! I can dig that.

Finger-of-God” Yod- I can get behind the prophesiers who preach for personal and collective awakening, attuning to cosmic and transcendent forces, and recognition of the divine spark in all beings. The astrological alignment coinciding with the ending/beginning of the Mayan Long Count this month is very interesting and provides a great set of symbols to project evolutionary idealism upon. So that is what I will do in the following forecasts. What is occurring astrologically can be seen in a horoscope map as a multi-planet configuration that makes a sharp, arrow-like, isosceles triangle if you draw lines connecting the glyphs on the chart. This particular shape is called a “yod”, “Finger of God” or “Finger of Fate”, and is one of many possible multi-planet configurations that astrologers use in their interpretations. Avoiding too many technical details, I will merely add that certain yods are special, because a “triggering” planet will bi-sect the base of the triangle, forming an opposing point 180 degrees (opposite) from the apex planet. This yod, with Venus at the activation point, is occurring December 20-22.
For a nice image of the yod scroll down the page to “December 21 2012 Astrology Chart” at

Four Planets in Play- There are at least three planets required to make a normal yod; the Solstice yod of December 2012 also has a planet involved at an “activation point” - Venus. Jupiter is the apex planet, Pluto and Saturn are in each other's sign (mutual reception) and form the base of the yod, 60 degrees apart. Since this configuration is occurring during the much-anticipated end of the Mayan Calendar, it makes it synchronistically interesting. It is also interesting since these particular planets, minus Venus, have formed this pattern only once since the year 1600, in May of 1989.

Free associating on the four planets in play:
Jupiter in Gemini – words make waves; expansive, inspiring, optimistic, arrogant, judgmental and (self-)rightous orations;
freedom to question; political platitudes
Saturn in Scorpio – difficult decisions; death of ruler(s)/ruler(s) dealing death; relentless hold on power;
ruthless justice; fatal consequences; implacable will
Pluto in Capricorn – institutional corruption revealed; rule by the
rich; absolute domination; leveling/destroying hierarchies;
shadow government; destructive/constructive power
Venus in Sagittarius – nature's wild beauty; women judges, actors, politicians; harmonizing foreign interests; beautiful ideals; reconciling divergent beliefs; appreciating other cultures
There are many ways to see these planet/sign combos - the above list is merely for illustration and no way comprehensive or complete.

The trick is to see how these archtypes might interact and synergistic-ally combine in news stories, and in our own lives. If we are creative and bold, as we could choose to be, we can make of these what we will, and co-create with these cosmic forces onto our own life's canvass. If “ascension” is desired, why be passive? When we know the factors in the mix, from a strictly astrological point-of-view, we can invoke, entertain and risk participation rather than merely watching, waiting and hoping for something good to happen. The following forecasts are written in the spirit of Scoop Nisker's famous advice, “If you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own.”

Sign-by-Sign Forecasts: (If you know your Rising Sign/Ascendant read it as well)

Aries: It is not your imagination, your hair is on fire, Rammy! If you think you are thinking non-stop and that your brain is working overtime, the planetary players concur. Do not worry about short-circuiting. You might glow radioactively from your cranium and seem somewhat feverish as you gab a mile-a-minute; this too shall pass. Before it does, exercise your powers of positive thinking and work to mobilize your creative imagination. You can master manifestation, the healing power of prayer, and persuasive speech-making if you can focus long enough to develop, practice, and perfect your massively-boosted mental powers this month. Learn, listen, glean, grok, absorb and integrate from all the sources of wisdom at your disposal during December. The Solstice yod will give you a chance to prove to yourself that you do indeed have magical skills derived from your powers of imaging, concentration and holding clear intentions. Align your will with the Universal Will and “make it so”. For practical instructions, get some cd's on The Silva Method, or take the workshop.

Taurus: Theme for December, Taurus – first get in the mood by listening to the song, “A Little Help From My Friends”. Next, make a list of any offers and invitations you have been putting off until “later”. Finally, graciously accept those lunches, dinners and events, plus cash in any “rain-checks” you have been waiting to “spend”. You have several “yes's” to say, which may lead to “thank you very much” and a re-balancing of accounts, so to speak. Are you experiencing an energy-exchange deficit? Can't be sure? Ask your body if it is time to collect on pleasures, payments and other debts that are due you. If you get a wave of relief (or rush of bliss), then go ahead and take care of reciprocal completions. It may be a very good thing to bring 2012 to a climax with a clean slate in terms of what should be coming back to you. Use the Solstice yod to replenish yourself, as well as to maximize your happiness quotient by “cashing in” your overdue beneficial karma.

Gemini: Ah, you silver-tongued, perspicacious, weaver of wit and wisdom! If you need to get your way using your way with words, Gemini, the planets are aligned this month to lubricate your communications and attune all the right ears to your frequency. If you have important communications to attend to, or some writing, reporting or publicizing to do, December should be fruitful for you. You may need to adjust, refine and craft your ideas carefully, but the analysis and revising you do will be worth the effort. If you need to polish a manuscript, proofread a paper or rehearse a speech, take advantage of the cosmic indicators and attend to your tasks, especially if you are facing end-of-the year goals or deadlines. The Solstice yod suggests that your audience is eager to receive whatever you need or desire to send, type, text, message, announce, read, write or relay.

Cancer: Put your heart into your work and reap rewards from unexpected quarters, Cancer. This Solstice Yod signals a time of concentration and consecration related to your chores, tasks and disciplines. Do your duties with a smile. Treat your tools like they are treasures. Wash your face like you are making love to your skin. You may not receive direct or material compensation for your efforts, but the scriptures advise us to be unattached to the “fruits of our labors”. Do not be lazy, that would be wasteful and you will miss Fortuna's offerings – be playfully productive and you will conjure blessings from the Beyond. What form these blessings will take is a mystery.

Leo: Caught somewhere between the demands of your job and your struggles to maintain your home is your playful self, calling out for creative freedom, playmates, and opportunities to “be excellent” together. What good is it to have an ego if no one is around to appreciate the great person you have become? The holiday season in the U.S.A. finds many wishing – wishing they did not have to deal with so-and-so every year, or wishing for at least one beloved to spend the long nights with while everyone else is supposedly celebrating. The Solstice yod invites Leos to make room in their hearts for everyone, family, in-laws, friends of friends you might not like, workmates – hell, the whole human family! To activate December's gift for you, Lion, all month long ask everybody what they wish the New Year to bring. If you get asked back, say whatever is on your mind at the moment, it may surprise you how many varied, divergent and even contradictory wishes you have in your sub-conscious!

Virgo: The prime polarity for Virgos stretches from the foundation to the pinnacle, the root matters of your home, family and private life to the most public and externally-oriented endeavors you are involved in. Use this month's astrological influences to funnel resources from either arena to benefit and fulfill the other. Money, recognition and success in your career, for instance, wants to translate directly into improvements in your home and/or enriched experiences with your family or roommates. Nurturing support and the comforts of home enable you bring your best self out into the world beyond your neighborhood. Like a fountain, pour out your gifts generously to your community by drawing upon the pool of simple pleasures and joys had at home.

Libra: Time to think, time to read, write, correspond and catch up on all the communications with the connections you have far and near. December is the time to ponder the meaning of life, get perspective, wonder those big wonders and ask the questions that bring you back in touch with meaning, purpose and the sense that life is a great game, or adventure. Benefits blow your way if you open the windows of your awareness, Libra, and let some foreign, exotic breezes freshen up your attitudes, beliefs and stagnant state-of-mind. The goodness will come, if you allow your natural curiosity to open new horizons and take you beyond what you “know” into new understandings about yourself, your world, life, and why you are here. Stumped about what to ask to spur you on your way to expanded consciousness? Go to and find an assortment of editions. Clue for you - this is not a task to be taken on alone.

Scorpio: Tense, Scorpio? Is it hard to relax, let go and let down your guard? Giving in and giving up may be tricky for fixed-water types. Water flows, foams, steams and falls freely from the sky, unless it is frozen. Then we have ice. Are you a little ice-like lately, Scorp? In order to receive, you need to relax, open and yes, even surrender. Last month's eclipses should have softened you up some, revealing when and how you harden your heart to others, or contract to protect yourself. Set the intention to open yourself to the goodness and bounty others are very eager to share with you. Get touch, practice deep breathing, exercise - then nap. Ask for support in order to soften, let someone else guard the gates for awhile, ask for some help with the heavy load. Embrace abundance flowing your way to allow the current of living energy to circulate the way it should - let it in, because accepting what you deserve keeps us all in the flow.

Sagittarius: The Solstice yod is a peak moment in the give-and-take, see-saw journey you are on this month, Sag. Your giving nature will come in handy, especially since the good you do for others will come back to you in many wonderful ways. It is a two-way street. It is even o.k. to realize that you are sewing seeds for your own prosperity and happiness while you are ably assisting others. Cheer for others' successes. Make connections and network to benefit your chums. Take time to be supportive and generally helpful. You might even tap into some vibrant, spiritual energies and awaken to lofty philosophical realizations about the nature of existence on this planet, and discover your own answer to the question “Whom (or what) do you serve?” Homework: Listen to the original, or one of the many covers of Bob Dylan's “You Gotta Serve Somebody”.

Capricorn: Optimization and efficient utilization are typical terms we associate with your tribe, Cappy. What about the terms waste, degradation and failure? Those yukky words, by virtue of their polarity, are linked to you also, and may in fact, be “by-products” of success. Question your approach, inspect your methods and especially search for any “sad, but necessary” consequences of your efforts and striving, Capricorn. From the most minute and personal to the grandest and most visible, your behavior and actions are making waves, having effects, and sowing the seeds of future and tangential consequences. This month's Solstice yod, as the Sun moves into your sign, puts you on notice that anything willfully ignored or shoved into the shadow pit of denial will sooner than later thwart, undermine or kill your best-laid plans. Shoot for integrity, first within yourself and then in relationship with the world. Be as clear and clean as possible, because you are on the threshold of having your way, making great gains, and moving into the winner's circle. The rewards you reap will reflect the total sum of your causes and effects. May you be satisfied with the results.

Aquarius: Time to tune up your relationship with your inner child, Aquarius. Sometimes Aquarians bear labels like “odd duck,” “stranger,” “exile” or “lost soul”. That can hurt and, if borne long enough, mark a personality and instill a seemingly permanent sense of longing for brother-or-sisterhood, family, contact and connection. The eternal innocent within you, that appreciative, eager and ever-available part of yourself may need some coaxing, care and reassurance if you have not been friendly to it for awhile (or ever). If the inner child is afraid or sullen, and you need help with the relationship, check out the Hawaiian system of Ho'oponopono. December is for making time to play, indulging your silly and regressive side, having some fun, and seeing if you can fully reclaim the sense of wonder and wide-eyed hopefulness you are so famous for.

Pisces: Stand tall and proud, Pisces. This is not the month to wither on the vine or play wall-flower. Whatever you have been striving for will be ripening in the next few weeks. The Solstice yod suggests that you could choose to cocoon in your nest, pulling away from external demands, retiring to the comforts of home instead of engaging with people and pet projects. I say thee nay! Take some rest, yes, and revel in the nourishment of close friends, family and the warmth of your cozy den. Be not lured and seduced into Van Winkle's slumber, though. You would miss a major crescendo in your soulful symphony. This 'movement' is related to recognition, manifestation, and claiming your place in the world. It might take some extra effort and determination while the nights are longest (in the northern hemisphere), but the planets are aligned to put a spotlight on the star you are. For energy and inspiration listen to “Top Of The World” by Van Halen.