Thursday, August 30, 2012

September 2012 Sign-by-Sign Forecast

September 2012 Sign-by-Sign Forecast

General Influences:
Virgo New Moon September 15 7:11 pm PDT
Aries Full Moon September 29 8:20 pm PDT
Another exact contact by square aspect between radicalizing Uranus and uprooting Pluto occurs mid-month, so be prepared to feel unprepared for whatever comes along. With that in mind, I will tell you that my friend and associate, Darlene, took me to see “Beasts of the Southern Wild”. That film strikes me as a strong allegory for what is up with our culture, on several levels. Check it out, and catch it in theaters while you still can. Darlene's brilliant take on it prompts me to wonder if you can project the young protagonist as a symbol for the re-emerging feminine, being given all that the masculine, dominant authority figures have to offer, representing the dominant paradigm in its stance vis-a-vis Nature and the world? It may not be what the filmmakers intended, but it works for me.
The fall equinox arrives on September 22nd this year, at 8:25 am PDT.

Remember to read for your Ascendent/Rising Sign, too. (If you do not know it, contact your friendly neighborhood astrologer to find out.)

Aries- You must have passed the tests and trials laid out by Saturn last month, Ram-rod, or you would not be reading this now. Traditional astrologers believed Mars, your patron planet, to feel extra-strong, yet stable in Scorpio. I am in agreement with the those long-gone star-gazers – Aries Sun-sign and Rising Sign people will be both powerful and balanced during this phase, all the way through the first week of October! Your efforts will succeed though a more nuanced and subtle application of your strength and prowess throughout this transition from summer to fall.

Taurus- Gain from play. Success through joyful self-expression. What pleases, pays. Need I say more? September is split down the middle by the lunations, the first two weeks it is about the power and dynamism of your various personae, the last half of the month you are working to make the most of opportunities you have been creating though your sustained and diligent efforts the past several months.

Gemini- There are a lot of good days in September for Gemini tribes-members, but the Sun really shines for you Twinkle-twins from the 9th through the 18th. If you are inclined (especially the magically-minded of you), you can remove mucho garbage, (on all levels) before the 15th, and start growing something groovy after. So, what makes your garden grow, Gem? Well, think compost and fertilizer from the detritus you eliminate, then fruit and flowers will soon follow. Homework: Read or re-view The Way of the Wizard by Deepak Chopra.

Cancer- Thoughtful Crabs are getting the best out of the transits this month. Deep, penetrating insights and startling realizations through thorough research with concentrated, focused attention on one hand, and wild, possibly brilliant and original ideas arriving like lightning via daydreams, night-dreams or while simply out strolling on the other. Magnetize resources and work on unfinished business up to the New Moon on the 15th; be bold with new agendas down the stretch to September's end.

Leo- Venus ingresses or “moves in” to your very own sign on September 6th (PDT), Golden Mane. If you can keep from overspending and blowing your entire wad of play-money, you might have enough pocket change to have a few good weeks of maximum pleasure. Stick with the notion of keeping the happy vibes going, rather than a huge, brief rush of ecstasy, and you might be able to ride the happy waves all month long.

Virgo- Are you making love, or war, Virgo? Maybe one should not set things up in such stark, oppositional polarities, which can suggest a black-and-white, overly simplistic view of things, however, the Full Moon on the final day of August propels you Virgins head-on into a collision course with enemies and/or lovers. Or perhaps with enemies who were lovers, or lovers who used to be friends but now are...anyway, it is all about facing off, getting clear, merging or purging. Suffice to say, after September, it may never be the same as it was with some people.

Libra- Two disparate symbols to consider, Libra. Venus, your guiding archetype, after a soulful and sensitizing sojourn in Cancer, will get all hot and bothered while in Leo's domain starting on September 6th (in the Americas). Check out the Lion's 'scope to get a sense of the possibilities. To balance out this glorious development, Scale-y, look to Scorpio's forecast and think hind-sightfully. During these last few weeks of September, reflect upon how much you have learned and experienced in Saturn's school of hard knocks since Hallowe'en eve of '09. Incubate wisdom by reflection to help get the most of this significant cycle, nearly finished.

Scorpio- A time of reckoning approaches, Scorp. Solemn Saturn ingresses into your sign in early October, sticking around for almost three years, give-or-take a few months spent bedeviling the Sagnefarians. You can already feel it can't you, the gathering forces that are calling you out to your full capacity for decisiveness, authority, and self-reliance? For now, be poised to take action on behalf of your core values and in service to children, prime the pump of your own creative juices, give yourself permission to defend others' rights to make their own choices, even if you disagree. This September is the month to link up with your allies and speak aloud your hopes, dreams and intentions, and ask of them theirs, so you can all pull together in the coming months.

Sagittarius- With your governing planet, Jupiter, slowing down for its retrograde phase, it is time for the Archers of the world to pare down, prioritize and concentrate efforts on a few pet projects and people. Otherwise, you may soon feel the shadow sides of the biggest planet – overspending, over-extension, over-commitment, over-load, overeating, etc. You get the picture, Sag? If you put “over-” in front of most good things, they aren't so good anymore.

Capricorn- September is the last full month that Saturn, your patron planet, travels though Libra, sign of justice, peace, partners, and plain ol' good manners. Tradition avows that Saturn is at its best in Libra, “exalted” as they say. Keep your public presentation positive and remember, that for only five weeks more will it seem like the spotlight never leaves you. Until then, you are your very own 24/7 reality show. Homework: watch or re-watch “The Truman Show”.

Aquarius- The Full Moon at the end of August portends needful adjustments and possibly re-calculations, Aquarius, due to powerful influences that come from areas in your life, that while not necessarily unexpected, carry a certain gravity and emotional impact. The waxing square Moon on Friday/Saturday the 7th & 8th of September mark a turning point toward the positive, blessed relief, good news, and fun times for the Water Bearer.

Pisces- The month of September continues the theme of companionship for Fishes. Be not the wilting wall-flower, Pisces. If the invitation you are pining for is not forthcoming by the 15th, use the boost provided by the New Moon in Virgo to reach out and make connections of your own volition. Not all encounters this month are guaranteed fruitful, but sometimes we do better with, than without, a part of, rather than apart. This is one of those months.

Selected Heavenly Activity

All times Pacific Daylight
9/3 00:44am Venus square Saturn
9/3 4:00am Mars sextile Pluto
9/4 9:45am Mercury trine Pluto
9/6 7:48am Venus enters Leo
9/7 3:15am Sun square Jupiter
9/8 5:14pm Mercury square Jupiter
9/10 5:44am Mercury conjunct Sun (superior conjunction)
9/12 9:45pm Venus trine Uranus
9/16 4:22pm Mercury enters Libra
9/17 4:48pm Pluto SD (stations direct)
9/19 00:30am Uranus square Pluto
9/20 3:23pm Mercury opposition Uranus
9/20 4:19pm Mercury square Pluto
9/22 8:25am Sun enters Libra (autumnal equinox)
9/26 7:09am Mercury trine Jupiter
9/27 1:49am Venus square Mars
9/29 00:15am Sun opposition Uranus
9/29 10:51am Sun square Pluto