Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Holidays! What's NEW???

There has been a lot of new things happening at The Mystic Dream... First off... here's our new sign! We finally were able to let the dolphins swim free and are officially able to proclaim our new name for all to see! We're very proud of it. It was hand painted by both of us and was a labor of love.

We've also been getting new shipments of products almost everyday with still more new stuff on its way. Come and see our selection of candles: Reiki charged votives and pillars of every color and scent, aligned for almost any magical purpose you can think of: Love, Money, Positive Energy, Spirit... as well as a large selection of herbal Hoodoo candles, including Fiery Wall of Protection, Uncrossing, Mystic Healer, and Recover Lost Money, with many, many more to choose from!

We also received a huge selection of Woodstock wind chimes and table-top energy chimes. Come and see our new arbor display!

New tarot decks... new calendars (yes... we have the Jim Maynard's astrological calendars)... drums... rain sticks... didgeridoos... also new jewelry... ritual tools, and oils!

And we have new readers, too! Logan Delaney is now reading cards on Fridays as well as offering his services as a root worker. Come in and get your cards read or a candle prepared for you.

And on Mondays there is still time to get your Blue Monday special... Kola Soljet will be offering her current special rates on Mondays through the end of December. As of January 2009 her Blue Monday special will be $5 off her normal price. So hurry in and take advantage of her current special rates! Call the store at 925-933-2342 to make an appointment, or for questions.

And finally, on
Sunday, Dec. 21, from 4-6pm join us for our Winter Solstice celebration. To witches and Pagans, the solstices and the equinoxes mark some of the holiest times of the year. As we approach the Winter Solstice, the nights are getting longer, but on this day the powers of the sun are returning! Come and join us as we celebrate the return of the sun king with stories, ritual, and a little feast! FREE! Please bring a small food item to share.

There's plenty to see and to do at The Mystic Dream. Come and share your holidays with us!

-Chas and Storm