Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Return of Used Books!

We are happy to announce that we will once again be purchasing used books!

Just bring in your used spiritual books and we will review them for purchase. We give Store Credit for those titles that we purchase and can even donate those titles that we don't choose to local collectors and charities. We review used books every Sunday, so bring in your books by closing on Saturdays (9pm) to have yours considered for that week's review. Just fill-out a release form, leave your books and we will have your credit ready by Sunday at 5pm. If you are not present then we will mail you your Store Credit and will hold on to the others titles for one week before donating them. It's so easy! Give those titles a second chance at life and get yourself a little extra at the same time! It's win-win!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thank you...

Thank you to Crystal Blanton for the shout out yesterday in the Oakland Examiner!


Thursday, April 22, 2010


We just sent out our most recent email newsletter and are happy to report that we now have over 2000 subscribers!!! We have now doubled the subscriber list that we started with when we took over the shop 2 1/2 years ago!

If you have not yet subscribed, consider doing so. We keep your email address private and we send out special offers and coupons to our subscribers. Just click here for more info on how to sign up!


Monday, April 19, 2010

NEW Online Store!

We are happy to announce a major website revision which includes a brand new ONLINE STORE!

Now you can purchase select items from the comfort of your own home! More products are being added all the time. And we process your orders securely with PayPal, so you can shop with confidence! Available now are some of our herbs, oils, candles, powders, giftcards, tarot & oracle card decks, baths salts, and even distant Reiki sessions! Soon to be added are select books & music, tumbled and speciality crystals & stones, select statuary, & more! Stay tuned for all the exciting developments as we usher in the next generation of The Mystic Dream.