Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Welcome Ms. Karuna!

Today we are happy to welcome the talented Ms. Karuna to our reader team! So in addition to Rune readings with Stefn Thorsman each Wednesday, starting today Ms. Karuna will be offering her services each week from 2-7pm as a Tarot, Obi Shell, and Pendulum reader, as well as conjure worker.

Her official bio:

Ms. Karuna is a hereditary oracle, a sorceress, a conjurer in the Hoodoo tradition, a healer and a handcrafter of unique spiritual products and curios. She is an initiate in the Hindu Shakta Tantra tradition, and is also a follower of the Orishas. In her divination sessions and conjure practice, Ms. Karuna utilizes Tarot cards, Obi (four cowry shells), and the Pendulum. Guided by Hindu Deities, Catholic Saints, and African Spirits, she works to uncross, remove jinxes and the evil eye, and bring health, love, luck, protection, abundance and the brightest future to her clients. In addition to English, Ms. Karuna is fluent in Russian and Hebrew. For more information, visit her website:

$35 - 15 mins
$70 - 30 mins
$120 - 1 hour

Cash only, please.

Please call 925-933-2342 for an appointment, or if you are going to be in the area just drop in to see if she has any availability.

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