Friday, March 1, 2013

March 2013 Sign-by-Sign Forecast

Lunations in March (all times PDT)- The New Moon in Pisces on Monday, March 11th at 12:51 pm, takes us to mystical heights and open us to increased sensitivity, sentimentality and vulnerability to this month's emotional ebbs and flows. Stay grounded and avoid destructively escapist behaviors as the Piscean vibes invite you to dream, imagine, and fly the friendly skies. Speaking of dreams, with the help of Mercury retrograde (until March 17th) this is a fantastic time to attend to the messages from The Dream Producer. You may get guidance regarding the year ahead, and looking at the next lunation, you may need it!
The Libra Full Moon arrives on the 27th of March, exact at 11:14 am. This full Moon is portentous of a major shifting of gears – from floating or wading in watery Pisces to full-throttle Aries go-get-'em acceleration. Lines in the sand, polarization, and reactive combativeness are likely between individuals and collective entities. Think before you pick a fight, and think before one is offered, or seems to be. Working on relationships of all kinds will be served if both parties can agree on a shared intention to keep the forces at play flowing toward agreement.

General Influences- The planets Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter, plus the comet, Chiron, are in a complex interplay of challenging and supportive dynamics during March, and most all of 2013. By abstracting the lines of tension and the lines of easy flow for each zodiac sign, the following forecasts describe where some effort will be needed to creatively resolve conflicts coming up between two or more areas of life, and how to take advantage of where the “wind is at your back”, as my mentor, Stephanie Austin, used to say.

If you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant) read it, also!

Aries- Tension arises between your conscious and sub-conscious mind(s), this month, Rammy. Since the sub-conscious is so much vaster and more powerful, you can resolve the inner conflict (and simultaneously obviate the troublesome effects of the Mercury retrograde) by surrendering to the mysteries and paradoxes offered up in dreams, poetry, optical illusions and humor. Powerful planetary influences support your will to power and reward you for self-reliance. Think about the greatest leaders you have experienced or heard about. Inspiring leadership comes through you by tuning into whomever inspires you. Even if you are leading no one but yourself, or just hoping to set a good example, channel the spirits of the most exalted avatars you seek to emulate, and allow your intelligence to meld with your intuition to produce some glorious results.

Taurus- The month of March presents a conflict between the urge to follow a myriad of meaningful pathways and conjure up co-creative associations with teammates while also needing to think through how to make your long-term goals fit with your budget and available time and energy. The resolution, Taurus, lies in trusting your process while expanding your sense of the timeline(s) you are working with. If you can apply some of that renowned Bullish patience you may alleviate some self-inflicted pressure by pulling your attention away from the immediate, surface-level of activity and opening your vision to the bigger picture. Support this month comes your way if you cultivate the guidance and advice of those you trust and respect. Consciously manifest situations in order to apply your training and education to maximize your success and productivity.

Gemini- The tension you experience in March, Gemini, may arise between your preference to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, and your ambitions for achievement, honors and respect. Steering the course of your day-to-day affairs by your own will fosters enthusiasm for life and a sense of co-creative partnership with the Divine Forces. Heeding the call to make a contribution, make your mark, and make a difference could set a course that takes on a life of its own that both elevates and involves you in an unfolding set of circumstances that require equal parts participation and surrender. The resolution comes through tracing out the threads of sublime influence in both personal and social arenas and interpreting the synchronicity of events as guiding signals that can ultimately harmonize even disparate and seeming contradictory elements into The Big Holy Tapestry. Support from the Universe is activated this month through working hard and digging deep where physical and emotional health are concerned. Regain your strength and balance to be ready for big new developments, Gemini.

Cancer- The friction for Crabs in March occurs when what you believe you know about the Universe collides with information that blows your mind and challenges you to re-think your philosophy and cosmological understanding. Resolution lies in your willingness to be open and curious while both taking stock of your world-view and at the same time holding it loosely. Beliefs should be temporary paradigms to help you navigate your way, and thus flexible frameworks that can be re-formed and readjusted as you grow beyond your comfort zone and spiritual safety-nets. This month, prime the pump of Cosmic Blessings to shower you with profound pleasures by making time with your beloveds to playfully engage the dark and mysterious aspects of Psyche. Parlour games, tarot cards, Truth or Dare...have some fun and discover fascinating truths about yourself and your friends.

Leo- The tension for Lion-cats this month lies between your desire to keep some things under the covers (perhaps literally), and your growing involvement with your community. You want to help others and know the time is ripe to offer your knowledge, wisdom and guidance, however you might feel exposed or vulnerable to inquisitive, prying eyes if you get too involved. The harmonious influences during March support work and repairs, tidying and organizing (boring, huh) in the home and office. “As within, so without”, to twist an ancient adage, the clean-up is connected and reflective of the inner work and soul-recovery you are really engaged in.

Virgo- The tension for Sweet Virgos this month lies between the call of success and the yearning for contact. As opportunity knocks and you mobilize your forces to make the most of those chances you have been waiting for, your friendliest friends and lovingest lovers sing siren songs, or at least whine for more attention. The harmonious influences in March help you crystallize your ideas into actual expressions of your deep, mysterious soul. Creativity laden with meaning may not always be pretty, but some of the best art depicts the messy, soulful parts of life, even as it charges us with energy and insight. List some ways to constructively engage your creative powers this month, Virgo; self-expression in any mode or arena counts as “creative” if you are putting something together with something else and discovering something intriguing in the process.

Libra- Tension arises this month, between your House of High Ideas and your House of Practical Application, Libra of the Weighing Scales. What glorious ideas have hatched in your head that deserve caring scrutiny and cautious re-thinking in order to work them out into physical plane reality? On the other hand, do you sometimes get stuck in the small-focus, hypnotized by the surface level of reality, and find yourself plugging away at the minor necessities while losing sight of the higher purpose? Resolve this conflict in order to walk your talk, or more correctly, live your ideals on a daily basis. No time like the present to ground your beliefs into manifestation. Cosmic support arrives as you activate your potential, utilizing your innate abilities and skills. You were made for this moment, Libra. Apply your talents and training and blow yourself away, and everyone around you, with your gentle mastery and graceful application of your will-power.

Scorpio- Are you a player or a stayer? The tension this month, Scorpion, is tied up between two areas of life where creative energy is highlighted and rewards come by taking risks. Harmonizing these divergent life-stages requires making good choices in the midst of intensity and drama. This is a month to stay alert, be ready to think on your feet, and do what you can to remain grounded and calm while the fur flies. The flow is fluid and easy when it comes to important connections with friends, siblings, and people with whom you do business, even if Mercury is retrograde the first half of March. Take on more authority, show others who is in charge, and even display your power – a roar or teeth-baring may actually settle things down and lead to mutually-satisfying results.

Sagittarius- The urge to play is strong this month for Centaurs, so the tension arises when your plans and preferences run counter to the wants and wills of your potential playmates. Do you have it your way and find yourself alone, or attempting to have fun with folks who feel bulldozed into your agenda? Or do you go along and try to accommodate - only to feel unfulfilled, bored and restless? The way through to ultimate harmony requires communication and cooperation; just remember – compromise is not always a nice word. The wind is at your back in March when you are making money, managing your resources, and during spiritual and service-oriented activities. Doing your taxes may actually give you a sense of empowerment, and bring you peace of mind as you clarify your actual financial situation.

Capricorn- The challenge for Seagoats during March lies in the need to prioritize with all the busy-ness and multi-tasking required going on at once. With so much coming at you and so many projects and people-contacts to juggle, there may only be brief lulls and short intervals during which you can think things through and plan ahead. Utilize those sparse moments to re-adjust and reorganize as things develop and evolve on the playing field of your life this month, Capricorn. You may find yourself behaving like a football quarterback calling “audibles” at the line of scrimmage just prior to the next play. If football is unfamiliar to you, go to the forecast for Scorpio for additional insights to help you resolve the tensions this month, and shift toward creative harmonization. Easy results come while you are joined up with the gang, the group, the committee or the fellowship. Use your innate leadership to bring folks into agreement, align the collective intentions, get everyone to cooperate, and pull together as a team.

Aquarius- Tension arises this month, Aquarius, between your need to earn and your wish to play. This situation is complicated because your creativity and self-esteem are implicated in resolving the challenge to pay the bills and at the same time enjoy friends, take a stimulating excursion and enhance romance. Resolve the conflict by employing your innate talents in an activity that you value, or that serves some higher purpose, and feed your sociability and wanderlust with some degree of restraint so you will not suffer from “buyer's remorse”, or damage your credit rating. Plugging into the Cosmic Source with respectful intention may allow you to take advantage of the supportive astro-weather available to Water-bearers during March. Find an energizing link between your individual, (semi-)autonomous self and Transcendent Power to help you wield whatever modicum of authority is allotted you as free will, so you can steer your life course according to your own best judgment.

Pisces- Your sparkling personality and irresistible attractiveness may create conflict between your desire for enjoying your private home space or answering the call of comrades who crave your presence and engagement. One way to resolve these tensions this month, Fishy, would be to host, or at least plan a party or gathering. Support during March is supplied by powerful friends and impressively smart people who will push you to use your education and training in important interactions with others. Actively cultivate this support network, Pisces, to get the full benefit; and beware of hiding behind the “nice and amiable” persona when you may need to display how potent and persuasive you can be when you mean business.