Friday, April 15, 2011

Locally crafted Soy Candles and Gift Sets!

We are very pleased to be offering locally crafted Soy candles and gift sets in time for Easter and Mother's Day!

Each candle comes in its own glass container and is offered in a decorative sachet, making them perfect for gift giving. 

Lightly scented with essential oils, these candles burn up to 30% longer than other wax candles and contain no petroleum or animal products - an environmentally and humane choice. And they are beautiful! Choose from many pleasing scents and colors.

In addition, there are beautiful Gift Sets that contains candles, scented greeting cards, eye pillows, and more! Even potpourri! Come by and take a look while supplies last!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

We Set Lights!

Setting lights for the needs of others is a time honored service provided by spiritual candle shops that involves the lighting of a candle that has been empowered with specific oils, herbs, powers and prayers, all of which are aligned towards manifesting your particular need.

We believe in the power of prayer, the reality of magic, and in the tradition of setting lights to express our needs and desires to the Divine. As ministers and rootworkers we will dress, bless, and light candles on your behalf. Although we cannot guarantee that your every wish will be answered, we are proud of the results we have seen in our spiritual practice and hope to repeat such results for you.
We will create magical sigils designed from your name and need, draw them upon your candle, dress it with appropriate herbs and oils, charge it with energy and prayer, and light it on your behalf.

We will email you a brief follow-up report with a photo of your candle after its process is complete, providing insights as to how well your spell progressed based on how the candle burned.

To purchase this service, simply visit our webpage below...

Join the many satisfied clients from The Mystic Dream who have taken advantage of this service.

We Have Updated Our Page For Uncrossing Products!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Product! Uncrossing Mojo Water.

Introducing The Mystic Dream Brand
Uncrossing Mojo Water
from our Modern Conjure Collection.

2 oz

When someone has had a run of bad luck and is surrounded by negativite energy they are said to suffer from "crossed conditions," thus an uncrossing rite is the traditional treatment. Use it to cleanse the negativity from your threshold as a wash, or use it in a spiritual bath for your own cleansing.