Sunday, June 1, 2008

Festival of Carna

Festival of Carna
Roman - June 1

This festival celebrates Carna—Roman ‘goddess of the hinge,’ whose power is to open what is closed and to close what is open. Doors, windows and locks all belong to her, and on her feast day should be cleaned, oiled and repaired. She favors domestic concerns and can be petitioned to open new opportunities and to close the door against things unwanted. She also has authority over the physical body, ruling the heart, lungs and liver; which is why Offerings of beans and bacon fat (once considered by Roman’s to promote health in those organs) are her traditional offerings.

An offering to Carna:

Remove any unwanted or unnecessary keys from your key-ring, placing them as an offering to Carna, thus closing the door on those areas of your life that no longer serve you. For each key given to her, you may ask of her a blessing, that she may open new opportunities for you.

...At the shop we have an offering bowl that is filling up with keys as folk come in and take part in our celebration of Carna's festival. This is one of many seasonal festivals that we hope folk will enjoy celebrating with us. Carna's offering dish will remain until the 20th of June, so drop by.