Saturday, March 14, 2009

Love Mojo

A Mojo Bag To Attract Love

A Small, Red, Drawstring Bag
Pinch of Cinnamon
Pinch of Damiana
Dried Rose Petals
Small Lodestone
Name Paper*
Red and Black Pens
A Personal Concern**
Cologne (Hoyts or Strong Love)
Incense (Love Drawing)

The following was presented by Chas Bogan at The Mystic Dream on March 5th and 7th as part of ongoing classes on magic called The Mystic Cauldron. Visit our ‘Events’ page to learn about future classes.

To begin, you will need to write out a name paper*. For the paper itself you should use something clear of markings; this could include high-end parchment or parchment paper, or simply a square torn from a grocery bag. A piece about 5 by 5 inches works well, as it can be folded small enough to fit well inside the bag. Begin writing on the paper with a word describing that which you wish to attract. Since this is a love spell, you may write the name of a specific person you wish to attract, or if you have no one specific in mind but simply wish to draw a lover to you then focus on a specific attribute you desire, such as with a word like ‘masculine’ or ‘rich.’ You will write this word three times, one under the other in the center of the paper, preferably in red ink. Now, turn the paper clockwise 90 degrees, and with a black pen write your own name thrice in a row so that it crosses the words written in red. In this manner you are symbolically taking control of that which is beneath your name in the lighter ink. Next, you will encircle all this. Writing in cursive with your black pen, without lifting the pen, write the word ‘love’ again and again until your word completes a circle in which your desire and your name are contained. Now, you will fold your paper. It is important, because we are doing magic to draw love to us, that we fold the paper towards us each time and not away from us. You will fold your paper three times before placing it in your mojo bag.

Open your red bag and place in it a pinch of cinnamon, damiana and some dried rose petals. Next, choose a small lodestone (remember that this is an object you will want to carry on your person without it being too bulky). The last object to go into the bag is your personal concern**, which can be a fingernail clipping and bit of your hair. With your mojo bag full now, tie the end. You will need to wrap the strings around the neck of the bag and tie it several times to seal it tight. Keeping with tradition, an odd number of knots are best.

Next you will perfume your bag, touching it to the mouth of your cologne bottle five times like the arrangement of dots on a die. Lastly you will light some incense, a love-drawing variety being preferred. Hold your bag near the smoke, then blow the smoke onto it, imagining that your exhale is passing into your bag the breath of life. Now is an ideal time to name your bag. This can be as simple as ‘Love Mojo’ or ‘Little Cupid,’ something that feels right to you. Announce to your bag its name, and you are done. Carry this bag with you, and allegedly love will be drawn your way.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March Update

Try as we might to keep this blog updated it has been difficult, however, our new schedual dedicates an hour each day towards the purpose of keeping this blog current, along with our sites on Facebook and MySpace. Thanks for bearing with us.

So march... its all about Mojo Bags this month. Every Thursday at 5 and Saturday at 4 we have an hour long class teaching you how to craft a mojo bags, for love, luck, money or protection. Each class costs $15 dollars to cover materials for a bag of your own to take home.