Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's NEW at Dolphin Dream???

Since acquiring the shop this past November we have continued Dolphin Dream’s nearly 20 year commitment to being a spiritual center. Come visit us as we expand our overall selection, honoring the diversity of traditions that make the Bay Area so spiritually vibrant. We are constantly adding titles to both provoke the mind and delight the spirit.

We have also been stocking up on various magical, spiritual, and healing supplies, and thanks to our first ever trip to the Tucson International Gem Show, several unique pieces of crystal, gemstone, and magical art and tools for your pleasure and curiosity:

• Spheres: Amethyst, Geode, Labradorite, and more
• Jewelry: Amber... Moldavite... Fine beads. Unique designs.
• Crystal Massage tools
• Dreamcatchers handmade on the Navajo Reservation
• Ritual Tools: Rosewood/Crystal/Copper Wands, Crystal offering bowls
• Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Condition Oils
• Crystal carvings: Angels, Skulls, Flames
• Incense, Oils, Baths and Teas from Otherworld Apothecary
• Himalayan Salt Bowls with Spheres or Stones
• Herbs
• Art and Statuary
• Specialty candles for magick and spellwork

...and much more to come!

~Chas & Storm

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