Monday, May 18, 2009

Spell: Attracting Faeries to Your Garden

We've been quite remiss in our intended weekly postings, so in order to help correct that may we present the following spell:

Attracting Faeries to Your Garden

It is sometimes said that the faery spirits still dwell beneath the hills and mounds; in wild places untouched by human hand. It is thought that while they once lived in concert with humankind, they have long ago receded into the mists, passing beyond the veil that separates our world of what is seen, and into the land of dreams and myths. But they are here, with us even now; living just beyond the periphery of our normal sight, waiting for us to learn how to live in harmony with the land.

Toward that end we can begin a simple practice so that we can open our awareness so that we may learn how to perceive and attract the fey into our own “wild spaces”, whether that be in a forest, on a ranch, or even in our own suburban backyard!

Items needed:
A space outdoors where you won’t be disturbed
A small sage bundle
A small cup or glass of fresh water
A few brightly colored crystals or stones (rose quartz, amethyst, lapis, and the like work great)
Some brightly colored ribbon of a natural fiber
some living flowers (not cut! These will be planted.)
A small shovel
Some small windchimes
A stick or cone of sweet incense
A small bowl of whole milk
A small portion of honey

Go to your chosen outdoor place where you wish to draw the faeries. Light the sage bundle and purify yourself by “washing” your aura with the smoke. You may wish to likewise smudge the general area and all of your ritual items.

Create a little altar for the faerie folk by arranging the colored stones in a circle and hanging the chimes nearby. Tie the ribbons so that they stream from the top of the chime or on a nearby plant or structure so that they flow in the breeze. Dig a small hole in the middle of your stone circle and place both hands over the hole and make a prayer:

“Spirits of the land;
Shining Ones,
You who dwell beneath the surface
I make this offering that we may live in harmony.”

Take up the flowers and inhale their scent. Plant the flowers as an offering to the faeries and as a sign that you respect the powers of natural life. Take hold of the glass of water and place your hands over it while you make your prayer for renewal of the land. Water the flowers with this blessed water.

Light the incense and offer some of the milk and honey to the local faerie spirits. Sit in meditative silence for several minutes and ask for the faeries to come. Make a pledge to visit the faerie shrine regularly to refresh the offerings.