Saturday, September 29, 2012

October 2012 Sign-by-Sign Forecast

General Influences
Saturn prefers consistency, so I will consistently harp on the shift of Saturn into Scorpio in the following forecasts. Saturn departs Libra and ingresses into Scorpio on October 5th for the duration of almost three years. A Full Moon with extreme indicators occurred the 29th of September, so we are all rocking and rolling with the punches the first couple weeks of October. A much more peaceful-appearing New Moon in Libra illuminates the night sky on the 14th/15th of October, then the Full Moon in Taurus on the 29th will help keep the little goblins and witches visible on the streets on Hallowe'en.

Aries: The New Moon on the 15th shines a gentle, Libran light on relationships for the Ram Clan, only to catch up with stubborn Saturn in Scorpio fourteen hours later. What starts out as a mid-month breather and rewarding respite could develop into a brouhaha
of ardent, determined passion, or a rigid stand-off of chilly rejection. This middle-of-the-month fandango will illuminate, for the alert Aries, the major lessons in Saturn curriculum over the next 36 months. Saturn's agenda is not punitive, just firm and insistent: stay in integrity, keep your nose clean, neither lend nor borrow, keep your own counsel if necessary, your word is your bond. The path to deep trust is tricky, neither quick nor simple, however that's the road for you Rams, so start this journey off happily, by learning to know and trust yourSelf.

Taurus: Say “good-bye” to Saturn as it leaves your solar sixth house and “hello” to the Ringed Planet as it enters your seventh house of close friends, teammates, lovers and enemies. Say “Thanks very much” to the Stern Critic for two-years' worth of tough lessons about efficiency, scheduling and discipline. Pray “Be gentle, please” as the Lord of Karma imports his portable school of hard knocks and its strict curriculum into your relationship arena. Meanwhile, ravishing Venus slips into your play house for those certain modes of recreation you Taureans dearly love. This month, despite it all, Bulls just want to have fun.

Gemini: The good news first, Gem, is that you can enjoy your home and/or family, getting all the pleasure and comfort you need without having to wander, or spend money to smile. Now, for the less uplifting bulletin – Saturn will be assisting you, for the next three years, in its no-nonsense way, coaching, directing and perhaps coercing you to be more efficient, attend to your hygiene, make it on time, and stay in good graces with your co-workers, employees and pets. Think of this as a preparation phase, laying the proverbial groundwork for big things yet to come.

Cancer: Lunations may affect you most of all Moon Child, and the Full Moon on the 29th of September was a doozy, involving the major planetary theme of the decade, the Uranus/Pluto square. When stodgy Saturn shifts to Scorpio on the 5th of October, you might find yourself breathing a sigh of relief. The compulsory house-cleaning (on both literal and metaphorical levels) that you have been engaged in is essentially over. Time to look at what is left of your family, furnishings and household, then notice if and how stable and grounded you feel on your foundations now. Suggestion: build an altar to your ancestors, living and dead, known and unknown, and offer gratitude for what you are standing upon in terms of your life's roots and thus prepare yourself for the task of taking your creativity seriously for the next three years or so. Not talking just art, here – we all have creative life force at our disposal and now the planet of Karma will coach you on how to utilize yours!

Leo: Without taking anything for granted, Pussycat, you can plan on giving lots of attention to whomever is signed on as “family” and whatever serves as “home” over the next few years. The parental units, the entire ancestral bloodline, and the legacy of inherited traits and traditions stand to be scrutinized with the heavy hand of Saturn in Scorpio. This is not a bad thing, in fact, it will serve you well to be able to stand on your own while discriminating what from your past is serving you, and what are habits and patterns of behavior that actually undermine your security and well-being. Saturn in Scorpio plays the role of Gardener examining the roots to make sure the “plant” is getting all the nourishment it needs, while clearing away the rot and tangles that impede growth. This phase leads to a deeper sense of who you are, Leo, and a more secure and solid sense of belonging.

Virgo: Crash-course in retrospective review coming up this month, Virgo. The Full Moon to New Moon waning phase through the 14th is for taking stock of your assets, accounting for how organized you have become related to your finances, and measuring your degree of personal satisfaction by whatever scale you choose. Then, give thanks to Saturn the Disciplinarian for helping you get it together in those crucial areas of life. The New Moon at mid-month finds you signed up in a new course of study: attitude adjustment. It is a three-year seminar, hosted by Saturn the Judge. To get started, notice what you say and how you say it, then ask - does this thought and/or the way it is stated serve me? Eventually, you will be able to boil down your basic attitudes about “life and everything” into bumper-sticker-sized phrases. Once you do, you can decide if you would really want them on your car and in your mind, filtering your reality. With Saturn tutoring you, even useless and self-defeating attitudes can be discharged, and replaced by helpful and supportive ones, thereby improving your existence and experience of life.

Libra: Looking ahead into October, Libra, make some time on the 8th, 9th and 10th to have a jolly good time and open the doors to abundance, prosperity and positive vibes. Even though these opportune days fall in the middle of the work week, the Universe is going to meet you more than half-way and generously reward any attempt on your part to improve your joy & satisfaction quotient. Best bets: trips to the museum, art exhibits, travel (or just reading about distant lands in books or mags), lectures, classes, group adventures and religious gatherings. As for Saturn's shift into your sector of talents and finances, expect to be grounded in your gifts and have your monetary affairs consolidated and stabilized by autumn of 2015.

Scorpio: If you have had any difficulty lately, concretizing your dreams, manifesting your wishes, and bringing your projects and plans into the light of day, Scorpio, the ingress of Saturn into your own sign this month signals a major change in your relationship with the outer world. This is like a slow-motion downshift into a lower gear, allowing you to gain traction in situations where you have been putting lots of thought (and maybe anxiety). This will proceed at its own deliberate pace; the New Moon on the 15th (USA time) calls you into reflection mode. For best results, be clear and methodical as you take steps to bring your “castles in the clouds” down to Earth.

Sagittarius: Let's set up an analogy that applies to the shift of Saturn for Sagnefarians. Like a woman who desires to have a child, once the dream is fulfilled and she learns she is pregnant, a whole set of interesting issues and typical (I am generalizing for the sake of analogy) reactions come up. In the Archer's case, the Saturnian gestation period is approximately three years instead of nine-plus months. What you have been wishing and aspiring for is triggered for labor and delivery sometime in “the future”, the timing dictated by The Great Mystery. How do you cope with the anxious expectations, the known and unknowable factors, the impending impact upon your life and relationships? Hint: the birthing being is going to look a lot like what you see in the mirror, only wiser and more capable than ever.

Capricorn: If you have been working hard to build, sustain, erect and manage, then some significant feedback will be coming your way, starting this month, Cappy. What has impressed others will become known to you, as a function of what you are did and have appeared to represent now that your momentum-generating phase is coming to completion. The world will either embrace, reject, or send you back to the drawing board based upon what you have to offer, both in terms of your projected identity and your products and offerings to the world and its denizens. Thus starts a crucial and potentially very, very rewarding integration phase. The next three years find you flexing your power in actual relationships and situations that have the potential to support you in achieving a personal, lifetime pinnacle.

Aquarius: Saturn steps up to the zenith of your solar chart, Water Bearer, symbolizing the call to action. The outer world induces you to show up and do your thing, with a Scorpionic twist. A force behind the throne? A mandate to remove and eliminate? Talking truth to power? Using hidden resources to influence and dominate? Revealing inner strengths previously kept private? Subtle maneuvering that leads to strategic victory? Establishing deep and solid foundations while breaking up corrupt and decaying structures? Transforming through reduction, shrinkage and minimization? The time has truly come to walk thy talk. Your efforts may never garnish headlines, but one or more of the themes listed above, or symbolically similar ones, will play out in the microcosm of your life, like a mirror of the cosmic macrocosm - “As above, so below”.

Pisces: We're talking home improvement, more love in your life, action in the career arena, lots to look forward to this month, Fishy. And here comes stately Saturn, adding focus to any matters that involve philosophical speculation. Why not write out your personal tenets on the best way to live life? Are you equipped with a cohesive, working cosmology? What is your relationship to the Great Is? Father Time says it is your turn to think through your belief system and re-examine your world-view. When was the last time you brought your Big Ideas up to date? Are your beliefs and “-isms” current with the more worldly, wiser you? Start a journal practice you can continue over the next three years with a title something like, “What I Believe To Be True And Why”.

Selected Heavenly Activity
All Times Pacific Daylight
10/2 5:06pm Venus sextile Saturn
10/3 3:27pm Venus opposite Neptune
10/4 5:38am Jupiter stations retrograde
10/5 2:44am Mercury conjunct Saturn
10/5 3:06pm Mercury trine Neptune
10/7 7:11pm Mars square Neptune
10/8 10:53pm Sun trine Jupiter
10/8 11:48pm Mercury trine Chiron
10/9 1:02am Venus trine Pluto
10/10 00:29am Mercury sextile Pluto
10/10 7:37pm Saturn trine Neptune
10/14 11:46am Mars square Chiron
10/15 3:33am Mars trine Uranus
10/16 5:31am Mercury sextile Venus
10/16 4:35pm Venus square Jupiter
10/23 4:15am Sun trine Neptune
10/25 1:33am Sun conjunct Saturn
10/25 10:10am Mercury sextile Venus
10/27 8:49pm Sun trine Chiron
10/28 5:55am Mars opposite Jupiter
10/29 10:40am Mercury square Neptune
10/30 3:26am Sun sextile Pluto