Tuesday, August 12, 2008

About Our New Name

The Mystic Dream

About our new name... For 18 years the name 'Dolphin Dream' has been well known in Walnut Creek and well beyond. Some know it as that strange shop where all the weirdos hang out. Others see it as a sanctuary that encourages spiritual engagement and feeds the souls of their community. Many come in looking for dolphin shaped knick-knacks and are often disappointed. Then there are those who find us, look around, then ask "why is this shop named Dolphin Dream;" a fair enough question, albeit one we have no good answer for. Dolphins are considered by some to be spiritually evolved creatures in tune with higher frequencies of consciousness, indeed, it was with this association in mind that the store was christened Dolphin Dream back in the dawn of the New Age. However, not everyone perceives dolphins as being enlightened beings. Ask someone on the street what comes to mind when you say the name 'dolphin' and you may get answers such as 'bad tuna' or 'shark prey' or 'fin flop,' not the connotations that ought to be associated with a spiritual supply shop. In order to inform customers of what products they might find, the word 'mystic' best expresses the energy of our store. We invite you to come and partake in this transition, that you too may have a mystical experience. Our purpose (our dream) remains the same, to encourage spiritual development, diversity of beliefs, and enlightenment in all its forms.
Whereas the dolphin has been set free, our dream continues.


Niteshade said...

I have been a customer of many metaphysical shops throughout my life..including Dolphin Dream, Ancient Ways, Benjamin Fig and others. I love the new look of your new shop and understand about wanting to change the name of the business to suit your own style...HOWEVER... maybe it's just my opinion...but I think you could have been a little more respectful of the former owner and your customers ....by leaving out of your "About Our New Name".. such harshness and negative comments about how people "perceive" dolphins. I highly doubt you actually asked anyone on the street what they thought of when you say "dolphin"..and got a response like "bad tuna" or "shark prey"... and weirdos hang out...for Goddess sake..get real. The fact that you had to 'say anything at all' in such a manner ...is not only unbecoming of someone that claims to be part of an 'enlightened' community...but it was just plain rude. It was unnecessary. You could have just said ...after 18 years... thank you for your patronage...we invite you to come and partake in this transition...yada yada...
I am dissapointed in you both.

Anonymous said...

I love the new name I think that it fits the place beautifully! and I love the new look! So maybe you should lay off of them, I mean come on they could of just changed the name of the shop and just not even gave a reason why. I think that they even gave a reason at all was respectful to all of us long time customers. Yes I can see where you are coming from Mr or Mrs niteshade but honestly I never even gave it a second thought until I saw you're post. So keep up the GREAT work Storm, Chas and everyone else at The Mystic Dream!

The Mystic Dream said...

Reply to Niteshade:

While I'm certainly sorry that you have felt that our comments impacted you negatively, they were certainly not intended that way, and I think a second reading of our post will reveal that much of it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. But perhaps we just don't share the same sense of humor. ;)

We did actually ask people what their perceptions of dolphins were prior to changing the name... and some of those responses were included in our post (but not all of them... there were some doosies, let me tell you.)

We knew that not everyone would be pleased with the direction that we are taking the store and that is fine. We know that change is hard and often meets with resistance. But the label of "disrespect" that you have applied is out of line.

Regardless of our opinion of us based on this one post, we wish you well.

blessings - Storm