Monday, March 31, 2008

Updated Readers and MORE!

Shortly after announcing the spring line-up of psychic readers, intuitives, and practitioners last month, we had several major scheduling changes happen all at once, so we thought you all might want to know exactly who is offering their services here at the shop on a given day.

First, we are happy to announce three new readers. On Tuesdays we have tarot readings by Elise. Wednesdays we have Stefn Thorsman reading runes. And finally, Kola Soljet reads the tarot on Saturdays.

Our full schedule of readers for each day of the week:

Sundays: Stacy Appel, Psychic and Medium
Tuesdays: Elise, Tarot reader
Wednesdays: Stefn Thorsman, Rune Reader
Thursdays, Fridays, & some Saturdays: Coleen Cole Morrison, Life's Purpose Hand Analyst
Thursday Evenings: Mitchell Houston, Qigong
Saturdays: Kola Soljet, Tarot Reader

Special Saturdays (April 12 and May 17, appointments are essential):
Evanne Jordan and Rev. Phoenix: Combined Psychic/Tarot readings

Some people have been asking if our staff has changed with the new ownership. Nope! Our team remains the same and is still committed to assisting you with your questions, just as they have in the past. Come by and say hello... Dawn, Alex, and Halina are a vital part of the store and we are happy to have them be a part of our team for the new Dolphin Dream!

Other things of interest going on in the store:

  • We have New Earth, the phenomenal new bestseller by Eckhart Tolle!
  • All Calendars are 30% off! (Excluding the Witches' Almanac)
  • Our Book and Music selections are constantly growing. New titles... new sections... more spiritual traditions are represented here than ever before!
  • New Classes! Whether your interest is in Tarot, Angels, Qigong, or Witchcraft, we are striving to bring in even more classes for your education and delight.
  • We now have an iPod Listening Station which you can use to listen to just about every musical and meditative recording that we carry!
  • Come and look at our remodel in progress... we have brought in some vibrant color and texture... just wait to see what we'll be doing in the next few weeks!

All that along with our new extended store hours make it a great time to come and visit Dolphin Dream.

~Storm and Chas

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