Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Love Spell

A Love Spell
Items Needed:

A red “Knob” candle

A small piece of rose quartz

a red pouch or bag

Some rose petals

A love-drawing oil

A piece of parchment paper

A small saucer

This spell is to be performed for seven consecutive nights during a waxing moon.

Prepare a petition paper by writing your name three times in the center on the parchment.

Around this in a circle, write out a short sentence describing what you wish to draw toward you (“A kind and loving man”, “a beautiful and caring woman”, etc.) As you do this, make sure that your pen never lifts from the paper until the circle is complete. Do not cross your T’s or dot your I’s until you are finished. If you make a mistake, tear up the paper and begin again.

Next, draw hearts or other symbols that convey the idea of love to you. Place them in the four corners of the paper, and draw arrows from them pointing to the writing in the center with your name. If you work with other symbols of power then feel free to include them as well. Anoint the four corners and the center of the paper with your love-drawing oil. Sprinkle some of the rose petals on the paper and then fold the paper in half toward you. Turn it 90 degrees clockwise and fold again. Repeat this process, always folding toward you, until you cannot fold it any more. Place it in the very center of your altar and place the saucer upside down on top of it.

Dress your candle with the love-drawing oil and make a heart-felt prayer for love to enter into your life. Conjure up feelings of being in love. Imagine your prayer as already being answered and feel how wonderful it is to have love in your life. Place it on top of the saucer and place the rose quartz in front of it.

Make a ring of rose petals on your altar so as to encircle everything within it. Light the candle and allow one knob to burn down and then snuff the flame (do NOT blow it out!)

The next night, light the candle again and allow another knob to burn down before snuffing. Continue this for each of the seven nights until the candle burns completely down. Gather up the rose quartz, the petition paper, and the rose petals, and place them in the red bag. Carry this with you and do not let it be seen by anyone else. When your love manifests in your life, take this bag to a crossroads and bury it. It is done.

Back from Pantheacon

We are returning to the store after a great weekend at the convention. So many great folk were met and we look forward to seeing many of you visit our shop in the following days.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Candle Divination Tips

Throughout February we are exploring various techniques of candle magic. Today we are posting a bit about candle divination, listed below are associations related to the flame of your candle.

Strong flame: A tall, full flame is a positive sign, expressing the vitality of the magic working in your favor.

Weak Flame: Your work may lack passion, or else forces such as luck or an adversary may be opposing you. If the flame remains weak for the full duration of the spell it may indicate that the condition you wish to achieve will come to pass only with much effort on your part.

Erratic Flame: When a flame repeatedly alternates between burning tall and low it may indicate conflict. Perhaps you are actually uncertain that the target of your spell is what is best, or else another person may be working against your will.

Active Flame: A flame will jump or flicker when seeking your attention. The difference between an active and erratic flame is that the former is strong. Meditate on your intentions, and address any spirits you have asked to aid your spell to see if they are speaking to you.

Dead Flame: Magic is not working for you. The forces at variance to your will may be stronger than the energy released from your spell. Evaluate your goal, and perhaps try a different approach or spell.

Sparking flame: This may be another way for the spirits to get your attention, or the spark may represent barriers that are being blown up by your magic. Typically a positive sign.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Purification Candle Spell

Each week in February features a new spell built around candle magic. Come by and pick up a free handout about this week's Purification Spell.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Free Candle Dressings

Our candle dressing station features a variety of condition oils, as well as glitter and name papers for you to dress your candle with, and now through February it is free, a value of $3 for each candle. Our staff is here to assist you with any questions concerning how you might enhance your candle magic.

February is Candle Month

February is all about candles and the magic we make with them. Each month this year has a unique theme, which we celebrate with new products, spells, rituals, classes and, as always, education offered by our adept staff. Stop by our store and stay tuned to our blog in order to bring some of the magic we are igniting into your own life. The fire was lit tonight by our own Storm Faerywolf, whose well attended candle class has set our intention for a miraculous month.

Purification Rite

Items needed:

2 white candles

Uncrossing (or Van Van) oil

Uncrossing Bath salts

A glass of cool, fresh water

Begin by dressing the two candles with the oil. Pray over them and ask that you be purified in body, mind, and spirit. Place them outside your bathtub about 2-3 feet apart in such a way so as to create a “gateway” through which you may walk as you enter and exit the tub.

Draw a warm bath and add the Uncrossing bath salts (or, alternatively Uncrossing or Van Van oil added to a cup of whole milk). Pray over the water and ask to be cleansed.

Light the candles and ask that they transform any negativity within and around you into pure, divine light. Enter the bath and bathe in complete, reverent silence for at least several minutes.
Hold the glass of water in front of you so as to catch some of the candlelight within it. Once more, make a prayer and ask that all of your impurities be transformed into divine light. Breathe three breaths out upon the surface of the water, imagining it now shining with the power of your prayer. Drink it down and know that you are taking this transformation deep within you.

Drain the tub and capture a small portion of the bathwater in your glass. Step out and through the gateway of the candles feeling that you are leaving all your troubles behind you. Take the water you have captured outside and throw it against a large, strong tree. It is done.