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February 2013 Sign-by-Sign Forecasts

Lunations and General Influences – A New Moon in Aquarius occurs on Saturday night the 9th of February, (Pacific time). The following Full Moon will illuminate the winter (northern hemisphere) sky with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo on February 25th around mid-day (Pacific time).

It is impossible to resist patterning my forecasts on a pair of archetypal opposites, Mars and Venus, since they both shift signs at the start of the month, into Pisces and Aquarius, respectively. Since these are only two of many heavenly bodies co-creating the polyphonic symphony of the spheres, take into account as you read which areas of life are “governed” by these planetary deities. Mars makes us mad if we feel blocked or thwarted, and actively protective of others and ourselves if there is a perceived threat. Long associated with strife and conflict, Mars (Ares in the Greek myths), confers strength, potency and lights the fire of desire. Venus gets a better rap, but irresistible Aphrodite is no stranger to trouble, either. Neither are apt to follow the mores and norms of society; Venus disrupts lives and relationships when her compelling allure pulls women and men into illicit affairs or into the pursuit of pleasure or satisfaction, no matter what the cost or consequences. Venus blesses us with happiness and joy, brings relief from drudgery and boredom, rewards us with pleasure and delight, and pretty much makes this often difficult and tedious life worth living. Venus and Mars are a storied pair of divine lovers, the Golden Goddess of Love and the Fiery God of War drawn inexorably into passionate union.
The following will relate to threads of experience over the next month, not necessarily to the dominant unwinding pattern of fate, but hopefully to important and interesting personal elements in the total tapestry of experience.

If you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant) read for that sign also.

Aries- Okay Gun-slinger, with your patron planet, Mars, in the murky Twelfth House of your Solar Chart, you feel like you are meandering in a carnival's House of Mirrors. The laws of physics fall by the wayside as astral rules seem to warp the play of the game. This means the pistol's barrel droops when you pull it from the holster and despite yourself, you shoot your own foot! Beyond the silly metaphor, Ram, this month is one to become aware of tendencies to work against your own interests, to notice and set aside childish reactivity, and especially, especially know when not to act and when to keep your fool mouth shut. Not the funnest phase, but during these stages we grow up a lot, especially if we are able to recognize self-defeating behaviors and gently correct them. Vivacious Venus livens up your house of friends and associates. This means plenty of company and plenty of chances to check your intended actions (Mars) against the received responses and reactions of your buddies and companions (Venus in the Eleventh House).

Taurus- Tempestuous Mars storms into teammate territory this month, Taurus. The first week-and-a-half could prove tricky and sticky, as companions either melt away in the mist, or seem nothing but needy and wounded. As February wears on, the fog will lift and folks will reappear from the void, or friends of a finer feather will flock to you for joint ventures and pleasures. Assert your feelings, your preferences, and even risk revealing your intuitions and spiritual sensitivities while Mars is sensitized by Pisces. Dare to be known by others! Ever-popular Venus enhances your career and vocational aspirations, Bull. Take advantage of your good fortune and amplified appeal to make headway on your life path as well as impress bosses, chiefs and other authority figures.

Gemini- Aside from the glorious good fortune of the Greater Benefic, Jupiter, gracing your house of good looks and personal magnetism for the next five months, guess what you also get, friend Gemini! Ambitious Mars makes it to the top of the charts, so to speak, and gets to play “king of the mountain” for a month. This is when you should show your strong-but-sensitive side and make bold moves on the career front. Better yet, Golden Venus is your booking agent, tour guide and traveling companion all rolled into one as you fly the friendly skies, literally or metaphorically, throughout February. Freedom to explore is what you want, either locally or in more exotic regions, or via intellectual or imaginative forays in your mind. Tripping into new territory or revisiting states you often can't make time for can trigger the pleasure centers of your brain and make you ask yourself, “Why don't I take these kinds of journeys more often?”

Cancer- If Earnest Mars fulfilled its recent mission, what you have been craving for is within reach and you may spend the balance of February sating your hungers and satisfying your desires. If you are still empty-handed, but you know what you want and need, then perhaps it is time to cast a wider net and explore beyond what seemed previously to be reasonable boundaries and expectations. What if you are not sure what will do the trick because you are not sure what you want? Then allow Sinuous Venus to wind her way deep into your psyche, beyond the fragile barriers of the civilized self, plunging past the facade of propriety and normalcy that protect you from your wanton, instinctive nature. Aphrodite's gentle yet insistent caress of your hidden primal nature will invite your animal side into arousal, clarifying beyond doubt those yearnings that want out of the shadow and into your conscious awareness for at least imaginative, if not literal engagement.

Leo- It is a double edged-weapon you wield this month, Leo. On one hand, Bewitching Venus allures and appeals, making you willing to put most everything aside just to dance and sway to the rhythm of her music, to revel in the abandon of her particular brand of pleasure, to enjoy, even momentarily, freedom from the mundane. If the enticements of Venus the Enchantress were not enough to occupy your thoughts and disrupt the daily grind, how will you deal with Mars the Shit-Disturber, flinging up scraps of The Shadow and prying open private chambers of the soul all throughout February? The dynamics of your intimate relationships will likely intensify, which can be a good thing, provided everyone feels willing to take a possibly wild ride into the unexplored jungles of the psyche to discover the treasures hidden below the surface layers of the ego. Leave the cameras behind, Lion, you might not want the images from this month's adventures to find their way to YouTube.

Virgo- Greater harmony at work, healthier body and mind this month, Virgo, thanks to Graceful Venus. Even the typically tedious, grungy or thankless jobs will seem easier to accomplish, with less gritting of teeth and general consternation this month. Maybe an innovative method or cooperative readjustment will change the dynamics of certain tasks and make them less onerous, while improving efficiency simultaneously. In another dimension entirely, the partnership house heats up with Always-Ardent Mars igniting the one-on-one scenarios into passionate exchanges. Wear your flame-retardant undies and courageously welcome the sparks that fly this month between you and your friends, enemies and lovers. In fact those designations may apply to just one person during different days (or hours) in rapidly progressing intervals (not necessarily in that order). Keep your wits about you, it must be time to liven up the landscape, Virgo, so more openness, vitality and authenticity will prevail between yourself and those you love and hate.

Libra- Ah! A balancing act for Libras in February – what else is new? Flirty Venus cajoles and seduces you into romance, recreation and play-time, while Hyperactive Mars gives you the impetus to work, organize, and care for your pets. Oh, which to choose?!? My suggestion is that you give time to both departments, making time for fun and games and balancing that out with tidying and taking out the trash. If you have children in your life, supported by Playful Venus, this can be a good month to spend some relaxing and/or creative hours with the kids to help bring out your own spontaneous nature. On the other side of the coin, Mars the Motivator energizes your attempts to optimize your health, and goads you to get started on any fitness regimen you have been promising your body since you made those New Year's resolutions.

Scorpio- With Serious Saturn settled in your Solar House of Self-talk, you Scorpios are probably sick of suggestions, advice and guidance just about now. Taking that into account, I will merely invite you to consider the fact that Macho Mars moving through your Playpen of Romantic Encounters signals a phase where you may find yourself “on stage,” even if you thought you were mastering the act of invisibility. Taking a more assertive stance in regards to your need for time-out, risky gambles, and sweaty fun could lead to more rejuvenation and revitalization than you have given yourself permission for in a long time. On the home front, Aesthetically-Oriented Venus wants your inner sanctum to please and inspire you because the textures, colors, furnishings and décor reflect your sense of style, and bring forth the inner artist.

Sagittarius- Talk, write, network and keep the communications coming and going – does it seem like that is all you do some days, Sagittarius? Genteel Venus rewards your recent busy-ness this February, and those connections you are keeping open far and near, especially near, will pay off in pleasurable ways. Relationships with siblings can improve, or provide more-than-usual satisfaction this month. On the other hand, if you have simmering issues with roommates you might want to clear the air and find constructive outlets for your frustration, Arrow-shooter. Aggressive Mars stirs up trouble in your domicile if you don't find ways to channel your energy carefully and consciously. “Doing it yourself” may be the antidote, at least temporarily. Use the Labours of Hercules as a guiding myth this month. What might seem like insurmountable chores can be tackled with determination in February and even into mid-March. The end results will make you a happier centaur, more comfortable in you own home, and much easier to get along with!

Capricorn- Good news or bad news first, Cappy? Bad news first? Here goes – beware of getting snippy with neighbors, siblings and your local shopkeepers. Keep your road-rage contained as well, keeping your fingers from flying and your screams insulated inside your vehicle as assholes break your driving rules and potholes jar your chariot out of alignment. Hot-Headed Mars can make you irritable with minor upsets in your neighborhood, and especially angry at idiots on the road or delays in your commute. Breathe, take it easy and keep soothing snacks on hand. The good news comes with Charming Venus augmenting your Solar House of Wealth and Personal Values. It is not always about more, more, more, is it Capricorn? Sometimes you just need the chance to slow down enough to enjoy what you already have available or accumulated, those pleasure-giving things or associations that truly make you happy, and also realize that all the effort and striving you put in seems worth it after all.

Aquarius- Style-enhancing Venus spends almost all of February in your Solar Chart's First House, gracing you with magnetism, charm and attractiveness. Even if many of you non-conformist Aquarians don't bother staying current with fashion changes, you can nevertheless count on the magic of Aphrodite to help you sparkle and shine all month. Just think what might happen if you decide to smile and allow some of your quirky personality to come out from under wraps! Meanwhile, Muscular Mars barges into your Second House of Money, Talents and Resources. If you have been wanting to make more money, you may get the chance to bring your skills into service. In other words, Mars stirs things up, then you need to strive and mobilize to bring home the bacon.

Pisces- February finds you feisty - yes you, Gentle Pisces! Take a stand, fend off annoying people, speak out and be assertive! Prove yourself capable of self-protection and subsequently, your capacity for self-projection will come from your authentic strength. Avoid the Fishy tricks of passive-aggressiveness, and instead risk really going for what you want, clearly and directly, when and where you want it. Warrior Mars will reward you with renewed confidence. In another dimension entirely, Kind-Hearted Venus dons her helper's smock (with matching shoes, of course) and sets aside her personal desires to engage in selfless service. Not her favorite hangout, the Twelfth House nevertheless opens the heart of compassion. The rewards are indirect and usually just add more points to the karmic merit account as opposed to the adoration and immediate gratification Aphrodite prefers. Love's gifts during February are best given unconditionally, and to those forgotten, in need, or unable to really reciprocate.

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