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2013 Sign-by-Sign Forecast

Guiding Planets, Challenges and Gifts: This forecast into 2013 follows a formula for each sign of the zodiac. The planet that is associated with, or disposits the zodiacal sign, is the “Guiding Planet” for the interpretational highlights for each sign for the year. Additionally, Saturn, on one hand, and Jupiter, on the other, balance each other out as givers of challenges or gifts, respectively. The forecasts are a bit longer than usual in most cases, but will hopefully contain interesting and useful astrological predictions to utilize throughout the year, and during the specified periods given in some of the delineations.

Read for your Ascendant: It should be presumed that the reading for your Ascendant (or Rising Sign) will be as accurate as for your Sun sign. If you do not know your Ascendant and want that information you can go to many different on-line sites and get birth chart data, plus much more. In most cases, you have to set up an account, (business is business, I suppose) but can leave boxes unchecked that offer newsletters, emails and other stuff. Here is one link to follow that offers a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface to get your natal astrological data. Try your darndest to get an accurate birth time before you start.

Aries- With Mighty Mars as your Guiding Planet, Aries, you can always count on things to change quickly, week-to-week and even day-to-day. In general terms, for the first part of the year, Ram, be the bigger person, rise above the fray, and keep your actions in line with your higher values. Just in time for spring, the God of War and Sexy Dancing penetrates into home territory for glorious rebirth and renewal. Things should pump along quite nicely, if you can just be your natural self, until late July, which marks a critical turning point in your personal year. At that point, pay careful attention to the domestic scene, attend to any squeaky wheels you have been trying to ignore, and be prepared to shift your agenda and focus. Your challenge: stay on-track and dig deeper than you typically would to suss out any underlying rot or leaking resources. Gifts will come your way in 2013, splitting the year into two six-month phases of fortune. The first half finds you getting useful information, so keep your ears open. The second half of 2013 could mean expansion of home, family, or just lots more fun spent with the ones you love.

Taurus- By tracking the progress of your guiding planet, Venus, you can plan to be the best you can be during mid-spring. Mid-spring is always your time, and especially so in 2013, when the Goddess of Love and Pleasure sashays through your home sign, Taurus. A glorious rendezvous with Jolly Jupiter during the last week in May suggests that you Bulls should plan ahead in order to be in position for “A+” experiences during that time. Finally, the year closes with Venus turning retrograde in Capricorn. If you always follow the rules and bow to tradition, especially during the winter holidays, this might be the year to break free while also expanding the possibilities of the seasonal opportunities on your own terms. Your challenge area, according to Saturn the Tester, lies in your closest relationships. It may take quite an effort to keep your friends and/or lovers from becoming enemies, at least occasionally, but you can deal with the worst as long as love is not entirely lost. Key themes in the relationship department: “boundaries” and “trust”. Gifts come via aforementioned Jupiter; take advantage of your enhanced capacity to generate more money during the first six months of 2013 and during the second half of the year, learn, listen and don't be afraid to talk and teach – communication will be the key to your success, halfway into 2014! (Read Libra's Guiding Light themes for additional predictions that apply to Taurus as well.)

Gemini- Mercury, your Guiding Light and the dispositor of your Sun, Herald, Merchant, Thief and Psycho-pomp, whizzes around too rapidly to single out one area of life for a given year, but there will always be a couple of highlights that involve Big Issues and Long-term Themes. Guidance, part 1: From the New Moon April 10th through the New Moon on June 8th you need to be above board, impeccably honest, and unerringly accurate in your business and relationship dealings. Tricks, short-cuts and sins-of-omission may be very costly. Upside: inspiration and dreams can be very helpful. Guidance, part 2: Make plans for Memorial Day weekend in late May, and the few days following. This is about maximizing your pleasure and/or making a proposal, presentation or public announcement for some project or relationship you want cosmic support for. The challenge that you need to deal with in order to succeed and prosper lies in any health concern or drudgy chore that you avoid, saying things like, “It feels like I'm going to die when I have to deal with that”. Whether it means a visit to the dentist, hours spent cleaning the garage, or “yuk!” - tidying up your files, there is a lot of blocked energy that needs to be freed up. Gifting you, more than any other sign for the first six months of 2013, is Generous Jupiter. Turn on the charm, and work on your self-image and presentation – the goal is to feel better on the inside, but a new pair of shoes never hurts. During the 2nd half of 2013, affording those shoes should get easier if you take advantage of the“golden opportunities” showing up through the end of the year. (Read Virgo's Guiding Light theme for predictions that apply to Geminis as well.)

Cancer- Your Guiding Light, Cancer, is one of the two “luminaries” in our planetary pantheon. Luna, traveling precipitously compared to the grave and solemn pace of the outer planets, maintains one of two basic, bio-energetic rhythms in our existence, along with her astrological sibling, Sol. These “beats” reach poly-rhythmic crescendos 5 times this year at the eclipses in spring and fall. A very interesting one for you, Crab, comes at the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on May 24th - mainly due to the combination of idealistic and dreamy indicators at play. Questions to keep in mind in anticipation of this potent event: How can I ground my highest ideals and spiritual values more concretely in my daily life? In what ways am I exemplary at acting in a spirit of service or consecrating my behavior to a Higher Truth, but almost never, for whatever reason, speak aloud my true beliefs? Or, despite being philosophically clear, and offering meaningful, even “inspired” advice to help countless others, do I fall short in the little details of my own life? Engage these question, or ones like them, and you may reach an epiphany by mid-year, Cancer. The bugaboo challenge you have to face lies in A) the ways you fail to have fun, or B) the ways you take your relationship with your creative projects or children too seriously. In either case you need to lighten up. Jupiter offers varied gifts, split between the two halves of 2013. Jupiter supports the above-outlined inquiry into the intersection of belief and behavior until the end of June. At that point, Lucky You, Cancerian! Jupiter starts a majestic year-long stay in your sign. You will simply shine brighter, improve in all ways, and grow, grow, grow. Ahem, if you do indeed put thought and time into practicing your philosophy, then you will grow in many areas of your life, not just around your waist!

Leo- You are looking at a transformational week for Leo in the rear-view mirror as 2013 dawns. So, to follow your Guiding Light, first cast back – did you make any New Year's resolutions or come to any conclusions about yourself and your life since the winter solstice, 2012? There are going to be thresholds and gates as you cycle through this next year, embodied by the outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, as they make their mark on history, and your life. In case you did not resolve to clean up your life in some way, re-think that and pick one or two areas that really need some tidying up, and then proceed with the rest of this forecast. Done? Now set a time-table and some reality-check-points with me: During the week surrounding the Full Moon in late March yield to the urge to be seduced by something or someone so scintillating and exciting that it opens the possibility of liberating your mere lust into the realm of cosmically-ordained adoration, taking you to the outer limits of pleasure and passion – without necessarily literalizing the urge, unless you can proceed without lies, cheats, or self-betrayal. Sometimes your imagination is more than enough. Next stop, July 1st ,(and the few days before and after) to check to see if your love-light is still shining. Are your professed spiritual or moral values showing up in your closest relationship(s)? If not, this is the week to do some shadow-boxing and see what is keeping you from experiencing the love you so dearly want and need. Final stop before the next cycle, October 1st, for a gut-and mind check. Start the autumn with some inner work, and get some some support while you are at it. Healing, and self-revelatory soul-searching are in order. Use the current status of your connections with significant others to help guide you to what needs care, cure and a medicinal approach. Challenging Saturn can potentially thwart the tremendous gains possible for you, so watch any tendency to dominate, control, emotionally bruise or neglect the people you call family – even ones from the past you no longer live with. Saving the day: friends and community-oriented social activities. Network your ass off, participate in your world, and congregate among those you share faith, ideas and ideals with. Just another year in the life of the Leo clan.

Virgo- Mercury, your Guiding Light and the dispositor of your Sun, Herald, Merchant, Thief and Psycho-pomp, whizzes around too rapidly to single out one area of life for a given year, but there will always be a couple of highlights that involve Big Issues and Long-term Themes. With the retrograde cycle of Mercury, your Guiding Light planet tends to spend significantly longer periods in one sign three times a year. Thus, you get to re-do, review and optimize in three distinct areas of life, Virgo. Here is a head's up regarding when and where to put extra focus and attention to make your life ever better and more wonderful. For February and March, you should relate to your business partners, bowling team, mate(s) and BFF's like they are the most cherished beings on the planet. In June and July expand the circle and show your allies, friends and associates some love. For example, send a courtesy “thank you” card to all your professional associations for their business, support, referrals and so forth. In October and November, lubricate your relationships with siblings and neighbors. Make an extra effort to let sisters and brothers know you care, and make a surprise gift of your pumpkin pie to a neighbor you usually just wave “hello” to. The Cosmic Stumbling Block for Virgos in 2013 has to do with your attitude. If you could put your daily waking orientation to life on a bumper sticker, would it be positive and inspiring like, “The solution to a problem changes the nature of the problem.” or cynical, “If you are feeling good, don't worry. You'll get over it.” Your daily life “slogans” color your experience of the world, and you are being challenged this year to take responsibility for your attitude and adjust accordingly. Gifts for you come through career gains, and by establishing yourself in the eyes of society and your professional peers. Even if “career” is not something you relate to, a “calling” of some sort, or fulfilling life path should open to you in the glory days of 2013. (Read the Guiding Light themes for Gemini, as they will apply to Virgos as well.)

Libra- Your Guiding Light planet, Venus, is at her dazzling best in three different signs, according to venerated astrological tradition. (See the Guiding Light portion for Taurus, since it will apply to you as well, Libra.) Venus is said to be “exalted” in the sign of the fishes, Pisces. Universalizing her love and radiating pure vibes of peace and goodness, Venus is in her most transcendent phase the last few days of February until the start of spring. These weeks are for opening the heart and nurturing your tender side, Libra. Avoid ugly scenes when possible, keep the news turned down, contemplate beauty, make art, and generally soothe your soul so that your capacity to love and create harmony will be flowing easily in the year ahead. When graceful Venus is in your sign each year you can be at your natural best, and this signifies a period where your refined social and relational skills are at their peak. This is also a typically good time to strategically negotiate and selectively charm your way into win-win situations, or the best deal in town. In 2013, the Golden Goddess shines in her rulership from mid-August to the 12th of September. Your challenge this year is to maintain your self-esteem even with a tight budget, and speaking of budgets, you may need to keep better track of spending, avoiding lavish outlays of cash and purchases of unneeded luxury items. If you learn and expand your knowledge and know-how through June, you can effectively utilize your new information and updated skill-set to maximize your marketability and boost chances for promotions and recognition in your work and your social sector during the following six months.

Scorpio- Your Guiding Light planet, Scorpio, is the heaviest mover-and-shaker of the solar system. Although recently demoted to dwarf-planet status by astronomers, Pluto is still the most feared and dreaded influence in the pantheon. Pluto is in a complex and powerful multi-planet alignment with other potent “outer” planet players throughout 2013. Use your power gracefully and for the benefit of others, Scorpio, in order to channel your strength with minimal “blow-back”. Sometimes showing up, speaking your mind, or simply taking control of messy situations is a major challenge for Scorpios. If ever you were meant to show your true colors, dominate when it is called for, and wade in when other balk, this will be the time. Hounding you if you hesitate, Stern Saturn will give extra force to your inner “judge” who will criticize you harshly if you keep your light hidden under the proverbial bushel. Keep your self-talk positive and encouraging. Think about this old cliché, “To make an omelette, you have to break a few eggs.” Gifts come through legacies and others' losses. If you step bravely into the fray, hack through the denials and hidden agendas, your star will shine and you can display your truest gifts, some of which only appear in the midst of crisis, since, more than any other sign, you can be strong and fearless in the most critical and charged situations.

Sagittarius- It is said that Saggitarians are born under a “lucky star,” and while not technically true, with Good King Jupiter as your Guiding Light planet, you generally get the boost of the biggest benefactor in the heavens. If you can keep your friends and lovers on your side and basically happy with you, Sag, you may find that the goodies and gifts come your way from others near and dear to you this year. In the Challenge Dept., it may be you have no one but yourself to blame, Sag. Self-undermining behavior, semi-conscious reactivity, mis-application of your power, and picking exactly the wrong moment to put your hoof in your mouth can lead to self-undoing in 2013. One good thing about being your own worst enemy, you do not have to wonder who to blame. If difficulty arises from unexpected quarters, it may also be that some folks are simply working at cross-purposes with you, or that you have not been clear in communicating your intentions to all the parties involved. Make an effort to speak to those that need to know while also remembering that telling the truth does not mean blabbing all you know.

Capricorn- Striving for excellence is typical and admirable about you Capricorns. This year the challenge lies in choosing the excellent and most worthy among your friends and associates while also drawing clear boundaries and limiting unfortunate and wasteful interactions with those who drain your energy or put a strain on your peace of mind. Health and happiness are linked this year, Cap. Beware the tendency to overwork, a problem for some Seagoats, and make suitable and agreeable life-rhythms a priority. This literally means balancing work, sleep and play into an homeostatic equilibrium on a weekly basis for the duration of 2013. With appropriate attention to the details, and by delegating good support people to help keep tabs on the small, but important matters, this should be a year of establishing yourself and experiencing growth in areas near and dear to your heart. The second half of 2013 brings happiness in your intimate arenas and partnerships. Schedule ahead of time in your datebook periods from July through spring of next year so you can ensure occasions of joy-filled experiences with loved ones and/or business partners.

Aquarius- Lighting the way for you Aquarians, and all the rest of humanity, is lightning-rod Uranus, sparking with flashes of electric brilliance, instilling genius and originality into those able and willing to receive. You may be learning-as-you-go this year, Water-Bearer, but do not let that stop you from sharing your new-found knowledge as fast as you can fact-check. Disseminating ideas comes naturally for most Aquarians, but even for those who tend to be more introspective, this is the year to write to the editor, apply for a patent, start the treatise or magnum opus, pen your poems and otherwise print, fax and convey. You may need to temper your more outrageous tendencies to rise to the position of respectability you deserve, but this is more about your quirky personality traits than your unusual ideas or out-of-the-box solutions to tricky problems. Conformity is not your style, but transferring the energy you expend struggling with authority figures into showing what you are capable of can lead to advancement, improved reputation, and honors for the hard work you have been putting in already. Gifts are bestowed if and when you stop taking yourself so seriously and recognize the “Leela” or play in the nature of the cosmic game of life. Improved conditions at work and in your overall health and well-being manifest starting in July.

Pisces- Neptune, under the modern astrological rulerships, is the Guiding Planet for Pisces people. Throughout 2013, and for more than a decade more, Neptune will pass through Pisces star-space providing for a pure and essentially unadulterated influence from the God of Dreams and Transcendent Awareness. Your Guiding Planet, Pisces, asks you consider the difference between style and artifice in regards to your connections to others. Is it easier to “put on appearances” to get by? Do you find yourself playing the chameleon in daily situations, and does this allow the true, essential you to ever be really touched, known and appreciated? The challenge for 2013 that stands in the way of living more “as within, so without” comes in your reluctance to trust your own wisdom, education and life experience, giving away power to people who just have louder opinions. The gifts for you, Pisces, come in two stages, split between the 6-month halves of the year. January through June continues a theme of joy at home and happy times with family and roomies. Party on the patio! From July through December the pleasures come in creative endeavors, romance and playful involvements with friends or kids, or friends who can make each other feel like kids again.

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