Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Love Spell

A Love Spell
Items Needed:

A red “Knob” candle

A small piece of rose quartz

a red pouch or bag

Some rose petals

A love-drawing oil

A piece of parchment paper

A small saucer

This spell is to be performed for seven consecutive nights during a waxing moon.

Prepare a petition paper by writing your name three times in the center on the parchment.

Around this in a circle, write out a short sentence describing what you wish to draw toward you (“A kind and loving man”, “a beautiful and caring woman”, etc.) As you do this, make sure that your pen never lifts from the paper until the circle is complete. Do not cross your T’s or dot your I’s until you are finished. If you make a mistake, tear up the paper and begin again.

Next, draw hearts or other symbols that convey the idea of love to you. Place them in the four corners of the paper, and draw arrows from them pointing to the writing in the center with your name. If you work with other symbols of power then feel free to include them as well. Anoint the four corners and the center of the paper with your love-drawing oil. Sprinkle some of the rose petals on the paper and then fold the paper in half toward you. Turn it 90 degrees clockwise and fold again. Repeat this process, always folding toward you, until you cannot fold it any more. Place it in the very center of your altar and place the saucer upside down on top of it.

Dress your candle with the love-drawing oil and make a heart-felt prayer for love to enter into your life. Conjure up feelings of being in love. Imagine your prayer as already being answered and feel how wonderful it is to have love in your life. Place it on top of the saucer and place the rose quartz in front of it.

Make a ring of rose petals on your altar so as to encircle everything within it. Light the candle and allow one knob to burn down and then snuff the flame (do NOT blow it out!)

The next night, light the candle again and allow another knob to burn down before snuffing. Continue this for each of the seven nights until the candle burns completely down. Gather up the rose quartz, the petition paper, and the rose petals, and place them in the red bag. Carry this with you and do not let it be seen by anyone else. When your love manifests in your life, take this bag to a crossroads and bury it. It is done.

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