Sunday, February 1, 2009

February is Candle Month

February is all about candles and the magic we make with them. Each month this year has a unique theme, which we celebrate with new products, spells, rituals, classes and, as always, education offered by our adept staff. Stop by our store and stay tuned to our blog in order to bring some of the magic we are igniting into your own life. The fire was lit tonight by our own Storm Faerywolf, whose well attended candle class has set our intention for a miraculous month.

Purification Rite

Items needed:

2 white candles

Uncrossing (or Van Van) oil

Uncrossing Bath salts

A glass of cool, fresh water

Begin by dressing the two candles with the oil. Pray over them and ask that you be purified in body, mind, and spirit. Place them outside your bathtub about 2-3 feet apart in such a way so as to create a “gateway” through which you may walk as you enter and exit the tub.

Draw a warm bath and add the Uncrossing bath salts (or, alternatively Uncrossing or Van Van oil added to a cup of whole milk). Pray over the water and ask to be cleansed.

Light the candles and ask that they transform any negativity within and around you into pure, divine light. Enter the bath and bathe in complete, reverent silence for at least several minutes.
Hold the glass of water in front of you so as to catch some of the candlelight within it. Once more, make a prayer and ask that all of your impurities be transformed into divine light. Breathe three breaths out upon the surface of the water, imagining it now shining with the power of your prayer. Drink it down and know that you are taking this transformation deep within you.

Drain the tub and capture a small portion of the bathwater in your glass. Step out and through the gateway of the candles feeling that you are leaving all your troubles behind you. Take the water you have captured outside and throw it against a large, strong tree. It is done.

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