Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 2013 Sign-by-Sign Forecasts

Lunations in August- The New Moon on August 6th lands on the Power Gate of Leo, smack in the middle of summer, supercharging an already potent period of days occurring annually and celebrated traditionally as Lammas, one of the cross-quarter points in the yearly cycle. Also know as Lughnasadh (pron. Loo-NAS-ah), this ancient festival phase of the Wheel of the Year cycle lasts a couple of weeks starting at the first of August and is devoted to early harvest feasts and fun, as well as honoring crafts, storytelling and magic. This Sun/Moon conjunction lands at the mid-point of Venus and Jupiter, signaling themes of creativity, romance, randiness, and exuberant, pushed-to-the-maximum pleasure-seeking.
The August 20th Full Moon happens, again, in the Leo/Aquarius polarity, bringing to light our capacity to shine authentically, yet still contribute to the collective. Sometimes, garnering attention is important and useful, so take the stage and spotlight if you have something to say. In addition, be a good member of the audience if someone radiates with soul-force and it resonates with you – participate in the cycle of creativity by giving good feedback.

Sign-by-Sign Forecasts (read for your Rising Sign/Ascendant, too)

Aries- You are a force to be reckoned with, Ram-a-lamb, especially this month, when your electric personality receives a massive, cosmic boost, enabling you to charm off pants, blow minds and create strong and lasting impressions! The stage is set, so to speak, starting with the New Moon on the 6th, for you to play to the audiences that eagerly await your displays of ingenuity, boldness, creativity and initiative. The Full Moon switches the house lights on, and from your on-stage perspective, you clearly perceive who is applauding, who fell asleep, and who needs an encore to completely convert them into fawning fans.

Taurus- The month of August finds you fun-damentally frolicsome, friendly and feelin' your wild oats, Horned One. The New Moon ignites a full month of creative attention dedicated to home and/or office improvement. Anticipate a climax around the Full Moon on the 20th, and considering all the fiery potency indicated by the planetary alignments, some kind of birth/rebirth is symbolized – think phoenix and stork or some crazy, cosmically-ordained combination only the imagination is capable of producing.

Gemini- With your Ruling Planet, Mercury, coming “home” for most of the month of August in your Solar Chart, Gemini, expect your perspicacious, gift-of-gab, verbal capacities to be fully operative and totally under conscious control. The New Moon finds you performing like a spell-casting Magician; with that kind of word-power, please be certain to say what you mean and mean what you say. The end of August finds you reaping the results of your skillful or unskillful mouthings; may you be rewarded for your refined text-uring and meaningful conveyances.

Cancer- If you failed to make your birthday wishes recently, Crabby, do not let the lapse continue! Your 'lucky stars' are aligned, especially during the waxing Moon phase in August, from the 6th to the 20th. Wish upon a star, blow out the candles belatedly, pray, conjure or visualize – you may be shocked at how closely The Universe is listening.

Leo- First, Leo, read the horoscope for Cancer, then use your own lucky mojo to manifest something dear to your heart. With both Lunations, New and Full, illuminating your House of Sparkle and Shine, you have all the cosmic backing you need this month to make the phrase, “the power of personality” really mean something. Oh, and another thing, Kitty, take some time for yourself to recharge your batteries, rest when needed, and take some cat-naps.

Virgo- There is something to be said for solitude, silence and seclusion, especially if the “ways of the world” have worn you down and worn you out. Some quietude and introspection are in order for the Virgo clan this month. Root out any self-defeating habits and shore up your physical and mental confidence by tuning into soul-satisfying practices and endeavors.

Libra- At least until mid-month, Libras should follow the suggestions made to Virgos this month, as least some of the time. The lunations, which punctuate the rhythm of August with major pulses of energy, draw you into gatherings where cooperation and synergy are the fortunate result of shared ideas and efforts. This is a time to set or re-set goals and intentions that you share with others.

Scorpio- Rushes and bursts of energy and enthusiasm may have you talking in torrents to whomever will listen to your idealistic and ambitions ideas, Scorpio. Use the surge of power around the New Moon on the 6th to begin implementing your ambitions and creative designs. The Full Moon on the 20th highlights a peak phase in the month for you to be showing off, shining your light, and pushing your agendas and programs forward with intention and intensity.

Sagittarius- Soul-searching and inner turbulence are sure signs that you are in a growth phase, Archer. The New Moon sends you questing high and low during the first half of August as you search for perspective and meaning. The Full Moon on the 20th reflects back what you have learned about your inner values and to what degree you are, or are not, living them out in your daily existence.

Capricorn- Decisions and resolutions that you made a while back regarding quality time you prefer to spend with quality people, as opposed to wasted time you spend with draining or difficult people, toll like bells in your brain when you fail to stay true to your commitment to yourself regarding friends and associates. If you missed out on the manifestation magic during July, you still get a chance to generate something special, but now you need to join in the wish-making with another person, or group. Focus with laser-like intensity and yearn with all your heart to make your combined dream(s) come true.

Aquarius- Do you feel like you are going through periods when you are the busiest person on the planet? Keep your nervous system calm, Aquarius, don't allow commutes and communication overloads to frazzle you. Find ways to cope with the electric surges of suddenly frenzied activity – even the most mundane and matter-of-fact interactions in your neighborhood and daily life are opportunities for Right Speech (Samma-Vaca) – one of Buddhism's Eightfold Path to enlightenment.

Pisces- The search into the Mystery can be a never-ending fascination, sometimes fruitful, sometimes frustrating; yet the journey continues, Pisces, as you encounter more (and less) of your true nature in your quest into Ultimate Being. The Leo New Moon this month spurs you to take pride in your work, stimulates attentiveness to your health, and energizes you as you tie up loose ends and complete projects. By the Full Moon on the 20th, your discipline, preparations and efficiency will have paid off, providing you free time and energy to apply to socializing and romancing.

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